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Give A Little!

Jan 26, 2006

Firmness - Josh Holloway


Here's a little something for you "Lost" fans.  Yes, that is Sawyer himself in all of his glory!  Oh how I wish Lost was on HBO so that we may see more of that!!!

(Courtesy of hunkvideo.com)

Oct 25, 2005

Brodie Holland


What is wrong with our athletes?  In other countries, perception is not a problem.  They do and dress however they like.  Aussie AFL Footballer hotness Brodie Holland shook his money maker last month in the Oz version of Dancing With the Stars and lived to tell about it.  I wonder if Tom Brady is available for the US version. 

Would our athletes ever have the balls be bold enough to wear a leopard print leotard?  GGRRRROWWLLL!!!

Check out more pics here.

Probst Away!

Oct 04, 2005

Lost & Found

Yes, NYCBoys are Lost freaks.  We admit it.  So while reading Trents blog we, well...freaked when we saw that some smarty had used the numbers as coordinates.  Here is what they saw.


To try it yourself, go to Mapquest.  Then click on Maps. Under Options click on the Map by Lat/Long link.  Then type in the numbers 4 8 15 for latitude and then 162 34 2 for longitude.

Once the map pops up, zoom out.  There is no real island there, but the proximity is pretty relevant to the story line.  Yes, we're nerds.  Sue us!

Sep 29, 2005

Lost Shark!


For all of those Lost fans that caught last nights episode, here is a screencap of the huge shark.  Notice something on the sharks body?  Yes, its the same logo that appears inside the hatch, on Desmond's jacket and on all of those food rations.  What does that mean?  Why are the numbers relevant?

Sep 26, 2005

Top Trannie

There may be an intereting twist in the lastest installment of Tyra Bank's Top Model show.  Rumors have surfaced that one of the models may be hiding an extra something special, or used to at least.

Kennethinthe212 writes: "A longtime Top Model enthusiast/close friend tells me he's convinced there's going to be a major plot twist this season when it's revealed that contestant Coryn either "has a dick" or "used to have a dick" (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Apparently both my friend and Tyra were taken aback by Coryn's "Graucho Marx eyebrows" and impossibly sharp jawline (my pal says this picture on the UPN site "doesn't do her mannishness justice")"

This may be good news.  I  would love to see Miss Candis Cayne be a contender next year.

Can you spot the transexual?


(via queerty)

Sep 12, 2005

Quoting the V.P.


CBS inadvertently quotes Vice President Cheney and his famous fowl mouth on the Rock Star: INXS show.  Turn your head to the side to read the quote on the shirt. 

(via realityblurred)

Aug 17, 2005

Stupid Girl


So in the aftermath of the crap that went down in the Big Brother House this week after our beloved King Kaysar's return and in direct retaliation to Head of Household Jen's nomination to evict him, some cool kids have given us a website to vent our frustration.  Jenvasquezsucks.com comes not a day too soon as we wait for the inevitable on Thursday.  Here is the website's gripe of the stupid girl:

We at jenvasquezsucks.com dont hate “stupid girl” or anyone else. We are simply saying that Jen Vasquez SUCKS. Her play was within the BB rules, but it’s evident she used the dirtiest, most dishonest game tactics ever seen on Big Brother. AND she used it on America’s favorite player, Kaysar.

(via realityblurred.com)

Aug 04, 2005

Vote For Kaysar!

Kaysar_1 Ok bitches, I assume that you are all watching Big Brother 6 and you realize that we have the power to vote and give an evicted person another chance at the mil! 

So I call upon you to vote for our man Kaysar!  He's hot, smart, and knows how to play a clean game that scares the crap out of that house! 

Don't let me down people!!!!

Here's how to vote: 

Go to cbs.com and cast your vote for King Kaysar or if you have some pocket change text your vote.  To chose Kaysar, text the #3 to 22788 or CBSTV. 

Better yet, here is a nifty link (graciously provided by TVGasm) to let you vote for Kaysar right away and with no trouble at all.  VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

(Click on Kaysar to vote for him)

Aug 03, 2005

As Seen On TV

Milfs Ever wonder where those lesbionic reality two-some, Veronica and Rachel get their "I Love Pussy" and "Future Milf" shirts from? 

Well, as TVGasm points out these two are not only mean and nasty bitches on television, they're also pretty creative and surprisingly some-what entrepreneurial.  Collegedropout.com is the site where you can snag some of those nifty lesbian chic tees they are always wearing.  If that's not enough, MTV is preparing to launch a new television show filming the two running their business and searching for a third Future M.I.L.F for their menage a trois of sorts.  Think MTV's lesbian and bitchy version of The Apprentice. (via TVGasm)

Jul 27, 2005

Queer Eye Casting Call


Calling all Twinks, Banjy Boy or Latin Flavas, Chelsea Boys, Bears, East Village Rockers, Leather Clads, Musical Theater Gays and Hamptons Guppies - here is your chance!!  Queer Eye is having a casting call for their upcoming dating show in NYC!  Please read the release below. 

(Do not contact this site for more info - we do not have any affiliation with the show).


Emmy Award winning reality show QUEER EYE casting gay men!!

We are casting an episode of our show about gay dating in New York City.

We are looking for good-looking single gay guys of all types to appear
on our show.

You'll get the chance to be on a hit reality show and come to a swanky

You'll be rubbing elbows with some of NYC's hottest gay men and THE FAB

PLEASE keep in mind:

1) This is the chance of a lifetime.

2) You will be amongst big wig hot gay guys at a swanky party for free!!

3) We want gay guys of specific "types" to appear.

If you or someone you know is SIMILAR to ANY of these types please email

* Twink
* Banjy Boy or Latin Flava
* Chelsea Boy
* Bear
* East Village Rocker
* Leather Clad
* Musical Theater Gay
* Hamptons Gay or Guppy


212-500-6327 or nford@thequeereye.com

Jul 22, 2005

Janelle's Other Secret


Busted.  The Summer of Secrets blazes on and just two weeks before she entered the Big Brother 6 house, Janelle Pierzina “pleaded to the petty theft rap and was fined $982 and ordered to stay at least 100 yards from” Macy’s, where she took $400 worth of clothes. That was in December 2001.  In August 2000 she was arrested for drunk driving in Duluth, Minnesota.  So I guess we'll wait to see if anything goes missing in the house if/when she gets evicted.  (Via realityblurred)

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Jul 18, 2005

Lost - The Avant Garde Mix


Lost will finally be broadcast to our brothers and sisters in the UK on Channel4. They'll finally understand what the hype is all about, but certainly with no help from the promotional spots that have begun to air. 

The channel has been showing the strangest promos I have ever seen about the series!!  Perhaps they are done to prepare the audience for the weird and wild ride they're about to embark.  It's less like a commercial, and more like a Bjork video. 

Here is a second version with voice over.  Check it out.  (thanks davenREport)

Big Brother Brawl


So I'm addicted to BB6 along with the rest of America and I figured it was a matter of time before tempers began to flare up in that fishbowl of a place  I certainly didn't think it was going to be this soon!!!

Reality Blurred has the rundown of what went on between Eric & Michael, as well as a make-shift transcript of all the smack talk.  To refresh your memory, Eric was made Head of Household last week and he put Michael along with Janelle up for eviction.

In the past and as per the rules of the game,  anyone making verbal or physical threats against another player can immediately be removed from the house and disqualified from the game.  However, this little rift has apparently made the judges ignore their own rule.  Both Eric and Michael are still in the house.

BBchatter captured the video.  Watch it  here (WMV) or here (Real)

Jun 30, 2005

Reality Show Casting

Ok all you Reality Show Wanna-bes, here is your chance....



Do you think you deserve better, maybe you're constantly struggling to pay the bills and wonder why you always end up at the bottom of the pile?

Are you sick of your minimum wage life and want a chance to win a big cash prize?

Are you not afraid of hard work and believe that you deserve your chance to be on TV? If you feel you deserve a bigger slice of the pie we want to hear from you.

Casting Directors are seeking men and women 21 and up to take part in a new reality series where contestants will be offered the once in a lifetime opportunity to change their lives forever.

$$ Applicants must be prepared for the ultimate challenge to secure the ultimate prize $$

Please send an EMAIL with your contact information, photo and a short paragraph describing your lifestyle, character, and why you would be great for the show.

E-MAIL the Casting Directors

Good luck everybody!!!

(NYCBoys.com has no affiliation with this casting call or the WB Network)

LOGO Launches


In NYC - Time Warner Channel 155 starting at 9:00pm

Jun 21, 2005

Change the Chanel

I bet Karl got this idea for the Chanel TV Belt by looking at his beloved iPod Photo screen and thinking, "That little screen would look fabulous on my new tiny little waist".  Karl, I see right through you!! 

File this one along side the dayglow shirt fad.

Chanel TV Belt

Via The Purse Blog.  (Thanks Donn)

Jun 19, 2005

Lost Boy


So I was watching VH-1's Top 100 Greatest Kid Stars and it was both fun & fascinating seeing how some of these kid stars turned out as adults.  Some of them surprisingly grew up to be fine adults as well, like little Rudy (Cosby), Sarah Jessica (Square Pegs), and Jonathan T. Thomas (Home Improvement)...And then, Corey Haim popped up onto the countdown...WTF!!  Corey, what happened?  He was such a cute kid in Lucas and The Lost Boys.  I guess some people peak really early.

May 13, 2005

Beckham Ads

Becks and Posh are the Brad and Jen Angelina of the UK and I believe that Becks is recognizable around the world.  An international star with huge gay appeal.  I wonder why then, his ads never air here in the US.  Here's one from 2002 that pays homage to the "Mean Joe Greene" ad of the 70s.

Beckham_pepsi                   Click image to play.

Related: Andy Towle shows us the new face of Gillette.

May 11, 2005

Close But No Cigar!


For Rob and Amber.  I really thought they were sure to win and I was dreading it. Last night's Amazing Race finale might have given me agita half-way through the episode, especially when nice guys Joyce & Uchenna got a flat tire and ended up last and penniless in Jamaica.  How would they bounce back?  Luckily, persistence paid off.  Not to mention the luck of having a pilot from an airline agree to take you on board even after the Jetway had been rolled away from the plane.  It was that decision that helped Uchenna & Joyce win the mil.  Give that pilot a Cuban cigar!!!

If you Tivo'd The Amazing Race and haven't seen the episode, sorry for the spoiler.  If you have and want to relive the glory, Check out TVGasm's hilarious recap

Apr 15, 2005

Mini Me

Narcissism101 is so right about this!  Why didnt we see it before? 





But we also think...


Apr 13, 2005

Waking The Dead

Playing it StraightPlaying it Straight Show snoozes the folks across the pond too.  Accents or not, it continues to be stupid. 

Apr 02, 2005

Brotherly Love

Phillygay_2 I don't know how old this commercial is, but I recently caught it while catching up on some Bravo shows.  The commercial for the Philadelphia Tourism, pictures a man in revolutionary garb waiting for his "beloved".  There is nothing gay about the piece until the end, when you realize that the person he is waiting for is another man.  Cheeky, but cute.

Feb 28, 2005

  • Manhunt Revisited - Andy Towle gives us our Monday morning gratuitous beefcake by providing an insight on what the boys have been doing lately.  via towleroad

Oscar Fashion & Faux Pas

As most of you did, I cozied up to watch the Oscars telecast last night.  The show had its usual humdrum staleness, although Chris Rock was truly a breath of fresh air.  One of the most obnoxious parts of it however was, the incorporation of presenting non popular awards to the winners right at their seats, and not allowing them to accept them on stage.  As if to say, "thank you for all your hard work, but we're not really interested."

As for the Fashions, one word....BEYONCE! She turned it out with four entirely different looks.  All of them fabulous. 

Beyoncelooks click to enlarge

Why is it that some women can pull off 4 flawless looks , and some women just can't put together one(Annette Bening, Melanie Griffith)?


Feb 24, 2005

Jay Wins Project Runway


But some of us already suspected that.  Props to Fashiontribe for calling it!  In case you missed the 9pm to 3am marathon airing, the folks at Reality Blurred were kind enough to give us the rundown. 

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Feb 18, 2005

Project Runway iMix

Arjanwrites_imixprojectunrw                             Courtesy of Arjanwrites.com

Fellow Blogger and music afficionado, Arjan has put together an amazing compilation of tunes in honor of Bravo's Project Runway. His eclectic choice is fabulous and mirrors the drama, styles, and cattyness of the show.  Go to his site to access the iTunes iMix.

Feb 16, 2005

Austin Scarlett


Celebrating tonight's bitchfest on Bravo's Project Runway and next week's finale, The Advocate has a nice interview with Design Diva, Austin Scarlett.  On being true to one's self Austin says, "I figure we’re all here on this planet once, so I might as well do things my way." 

Feb 09, 2005

LOGO Casting Call


Casting gay singles, couples, and their friends for the all-expense- paid trip of a lifetime!
Bunim-Murray Productions, creators of MTV's The Real World and Fox's The Simple Life are teaming up with LOGO, the world's first gay network, to present The Cruise. Taking place aboard a luxury cruise ship, The Cruise, promises fun, sun, and romance for all those aboard.
Here's what they are looking for...
They would like to meet all types of gay singles, couples, and their friends, but are especially interested in the following:
  • Couples trying to rekindle a romance in trouble.
  • Couples wishing to stage a marriage or commitment ceremony, or celebrate an anniversary.
  • Couples having their parents "meet the partner" for the first time.
  • A "June/December" romance.
  • Singles who are newly "out" and looking to explore the scene for the first time.
  • Friends with a secret (or not-so-secret) crush on each other.
  • And remember, your straight friends are also welcome to apply!
  • You must be 18 to apply.
Saturday, February 12th 10:00am - 5:30pm
The LGTB Community Center
208 West 13th Street New York NY 10011

Feb 07, 2005

Project Runway Finalists

Runwaythree click to enlarge

New York is in full Fashion Week mode, and for those who have been following Project Runway, here is a glimpse of the 3 finalists' collections.  From the looks of it, the three finalists are Jay, Kara Saun, and Austin (I can already hear Michael Kors say "too costumy").  For those that are wondering, look closely at the models above.  Melissa and Martinique seem to be battling it out for the final spot. Via NYmetro.

Out.com has also posted dish on the Project Runway fashion show "goings ons" revealing the finalists' names.  (scroll to second paragraph after Madonna).

Fashiontribes.com has their own source proposing that Jay is the winner of Project Runway. 


Jan 19, 2005

Oprah's Nate

Towleroad has a nice recap of Nate Berkus' compelling interview with Oprah on Monday's show. 
Many of the comments on the post debate on Oprah's sincerity in interviewing Nate and perhaps capitalizing on the Tsunami Disaster.  Nate lost his partner Fernando Bengoechea.

Jan 15, 2005

Tsunami Aid


Madonna made a rare TV appearance singing John Lennon's Imagine on Saturday's Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope.  All songs from the telethon are available for download here.

Jan 13, 2005

The Queer Guys 'Eyed'

Dawn Steele, a New Jerseyan whose ex-husband was featured on this season's premiere episode, says the furniture the Fab Five unceremoniously dumped belonged to her — a gift from her late grandparents. Via NYpost.

Jan 05, 2005

Tool Of The Week

And for the 4th week in a row, the Tool of the Week is Jonathan


Dec 16, 2004

On The Money!

Miss Cleo was dead on.  She's got talent, that one.   See the prediction here.
Out of all of them, Eva was my favorite.  She's spicy.  Now that that's over, I'm turning channels to Project Runway and...the new guilty pleasure Big Man On Campus!  Holy crap!!!

Dec 14, 2004

Top Model Prediction


OK I'm calling it.  Eva will win! 
I'm feeling like Amanda (AKA the blind girl) will be booted out at the beginning of the show tomorrow.  Which will leave YaYa and Eva.  Eva will be crowned America's Next Top Model and YaYa will go home crying.  Sorry YaYa.
Source: Miss Cleo .

Meet the Fab Four


After unleashing the Fab Five on America in 2003, Bravo unveils a queer quartet for its new show, Queer Eye for the Straight Girl. Will they make a splash like their Guy counterparts did? Absolutely—if they have anything to say about it.
From Out.com
P.S. LOOOOVE the name Honey Labrador!

Continue reading "Meet the Fab Four" »

Nov 10, 2004

New York Nick (Scotti)


I have stumbled upon a guilty pleasure, and one that I must share with others.  His name is Nick Scotti and if that sounds familiar its because he's been gracing runways shows for many years.  In addition he's done several feature films (Kiss Me Guido) and was the hot UPS man on Sex and the city with the "large package" delivery for Samantha Jones. 
Nick's new venture is New York Nick a lifestyle type show on the Style Channel.  Many will argue that New York Nick is nothing but a fluff piece, a 30 minute show with little depth and range.  I may have to dissagree.
What makes New York Nick unique is the Scotti's brave choice of incorporating his family into it.  Sort of like Growing Up Gotti meets Full Frontal Fashion meets The Nanny.  His family truly makes the show fun to watch!  Don't get me wrong, watching a shirtless Nick Scotti is pretty nice, but it's Nick's sister Viv who had me doubling over with laughter (think Marisa Tomei in My Cousing Vinnie).  In one episode, she show's up to a fashion show wearing fishnets stockings a leather skirt (stilletos, of course) and a munchies bag (packed with Wise potate chips, because she has "low blood sugar").  His Aunt Diz (think Roseanne Barr on the SNL skit "Coffee Talk" with Madonna and Mike Myers) is a memorable character showing up at the door of her Queens apartment with toilet paper clipped around hear head and offering up her own style tips on how to keep your hair do from falling. 
Aside from the family antics, the show has a nice fun feel to it with Nick sharing "homegrown tips" to get you through life.  Its unpretentious, funny, intelligent with lots of heart and Scotti is very likeable.....sigh....here's another one for my Tivo.
New York Nick is on the Style Network -Thursdays at 9:30pm Watch a video clip here.

Jun 10, 2004

Who Wants To Be The Next Paris Hilton?


"The Hilton Project"



9AM - 5PM

KATHY HILTON Searches For Candidates To Star In New
Unscripted Series

BURBANK – May 25, 2004 - Kathy Hilton, mother of Paris and Nicky and matriarch of one of the most celebrated and successful families in America, is conducting a search for candidates to be taken under her wing and given access to high society for a new unscripted NBC drama.

Hilton, whose family created the famed Hilton Hotel empire, is looking for 14 deserving men and women to take part in an unscripted television series for NBC. Hilton will use her social status, celebrity connections, knowledge and experience to help transform the lives of the worthy contestants by exposing them to the glamorous lifestyle of the rich, famous and powerful. After a series of competitions, Hilton will choose a winner who will receive an extravagant prize package including a residence at one of New York City's most exclusive addresses, a new high profile job and most importantly, connections with some of the world's most influential people.

Tavern on the Green


May 25, 2004

American Idol

Who Will It Be?

Fantasia or Diana?


Who will you vote for?

May 24, 2004

Ty Pennington


Why do we love him so?

From his humble beginnings on Trading Spaces as the off-the-wall hunky carpenter to the "team leader" on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Ty Pennington is the surfer/carpenter/model we would all like to have laying around the house. He sure does come in handy!

  • To apply to the show be on the show, please click here.
  • To email Ty please go to his website or click here.

NOTE: Please do not apply for the show on this website.  This Blog has no affiliation with the show.

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