March 28, 2005



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275 W 22nd St
212-645-8613, 4pm-4am, free

Happy hour 4-9pm Mon-Fri, 2-for-1 drinks.

  • Mon: Candis Cayne, DJ Marco.
  • Tue: The Gayly Show w/ Shequida, DJ Brenda Black.
  • Wed: Shasta Cola, DJ Will.
  • Thu: Star Search w/ Sweetie, DJ Brenda Black.
  • Fri: DJ Jimmy.
  • Sat: DJ Rob Sperte.
  • Sun: Sherry Vine w/ DJ Xavier.

401 W 47th St
212-586-9390, 5pm-4am, No cover.

Midtown gay spot, with our fave DJ Aaron ElvisHappy hour 5-8pm and 11pm-midnight daily.

  • Wed: Rock-It w/ DJ Aaron Elvis.
  • Thu: Swap Meat w/ DJs Marcus, Chris Barbour.
  • Fri: SpeciMen w/ DJ Destiny.
  • Sat: Gemstone w/ DJ Relentless.

Brite Bar
297 10th Ave (27th St)

Mixed bar, but gay friendly. Drink specials 5:30-7:30pm

  • Mon-Fri. -"Fother Mucker" cocktail experience
  • Thu: Guest DJs.
  • Fri: DJ Ryan
  • Sat: DJ Tim (spinning groovy progressive house).

301 W 39th St
212-631-0588, cover varies, 18+

Latino club withshows and dancing to house, salsa, merengue. Drag shows, go-go boys, ladies' nights.

  • Thu: Boyz 2 Men.
  • Fri: Freedom Fridays.
  • Sat: Azucar Saturdays.
  • Sun: Sunbeam Sundays, tea dance.

g Lounge
225 W 19th St

212-929-1085, No cover                                                                     hip and loungy.  happy hour 4-9pm Mon-Fri.

  • Mon: chill out w/ DJ Gustavo
  • Tue: grooves w/ Dr. Brooks
  • Wed: funk w/ DJ Gustavo
  • Thu: house w/ DJ Carlos Pedraza
  • Fri: house w/ DJs Smokey, DeMarko
  • Sat: guest DJs
  • Sun: Dennis Sebayan
579 Sixth Ave (16th St)

212-243-6100 - Young crowd

  • Tue: La Troupe de la Femme cabaret show
  • Wed: Noche Latina
  • Thu: Dulce con Leche
  • Fri: Kaleidoscope
  • Sat: Gay College Party
  • Sun: Sunday Tea.

405 W 51st St
212-957-2222, 4pm-4am, free

Swanky Midtown lounge "where the boys are." Happy hour 2-for-1 4-8pm daily.

  • Mon: Margarita Madness, $2 margaritas, DJ Xavier.
  • Tue: $2 mojitos.
  • Wed: Who's on Top? w/ Carmella Cann, DJ Marcus.
  • Thu: Throwback, '80s night w/ DJ Smokey, $3 Corona and Rolling Rock.
  • Fri: Brand New Day w/ DJ Xavier, shot specials.
  • Sun: midnight pizza party.

212 Eighth Ave (21st St)
212-242-9332, 10am-4am Mon-Sat, noon-4am Sun

Levi and Leather bar. Small and cruisy.

  • Tue-Sun: Go-go men 8pm
  • Sat & Sun: beer blast
50 W 17th St

212-691-0073, cover varies

The infamous Splash bar with a new name, a new sound system and an even bigger dance floor. Same hot boys, though.Happy hour 2-for-1 4-8pm. Sun-Thu 18+, Fri-Sat 21+.

  • Mon: Musical Mondays.
  • Tue: Got 2 B.
  • Wed: DJ Randy Bettis.
  • First Wed: Rock 'n' Roll Fag Bar.
  • Thu: Student Night.
  • Fri: Full Frontal Fridays.
  • Sat: Men's Room.
  • Sun: Never the Same Thing.

348 W 52nd St
212-397-1700, No Cover.

Join hottie Scott Nevins in this chic two-level lounge, Happy hour 5-8pm every day

  • Cabaret shows and nightly DJs. . Check Culture listings for cabaret.

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232 Eighth Ave (22nd St)
212-929-2243, No Cover

Eighth Avenue loungy bar next to Big Cup. Happy hour Mon-Fri 4-8pm.

  • Mon: Drag Queen Puppet Bingo.
  • Wed: Abra-Cashetta.
  • Thu: Margarita Madness.
  • Sun: Steam Room, $3 beer if you're shirtless.
XES Lounge
157 W 24th St
212-604-0212, 4pm-4am, No cover.

New bar in Chelsea with Top DJs, patio, hot guys sans attitude, sexy bartenders and strong drinks. Happy hour 4-9pm weekdays, midnight drink specials every day.

  • Mon: M&M, '80s music w/ DJ Matt.
  • Tue: Adam Joseph.
  • Thu: Avalanche w/ Ski Bums, Revolution w/ DJ Relentless.
  • Fri: Jump w/ DJ Anthony Vlantis.
  • Sat: Body Parts w/ DJ Smokey.
  • Sun: Desperate Sundays, Beer Blast 4-9pm, Cashetta's Cabaret 11pm.
357 W 16th St
646-336-5574, No Cover

Chic and hi-tech lounge.  Martini Madness 4-7pm every day, all martinis $3.

  • Mon: Twisted Cabaret, DJ Jimmy Moyer.
  • Tue: Strictly Lounge w/ VJ ohRicky.
  • Wed: Faggot Feud.
  • Thu: DJ Jody Lirette.
  • First Thu: Balls Boards & Blades.
  • Fri: DJ Scott Thomson.
  • Sat: DJ Gomi.
  • Sun: Jessye Normous.
The Eagle
554 W 28th St
646-473-1866, 10pm-4am Mon-Sat, 5pm-4am Sun

Hot men and great music at this cruisy leather/Levi staple.

  • Tue: movie night.
  • Wed: $3 well drinks.
  • Thu: Code, strict dress code.
  • Sun: Beer Blast 5-10pm.
The Lounge at elmo
156 Seventh Ave (20th St)
212-337-8000, 8pm Thu-Sat, No Cover

A downstairs lounge is now open for performance space.

  • Mon: Verbatim Verboten.
  • Tue: Lit-Lite.
  • Wed: DJ Mike Negron.


Boiler Room

86 E Fourth St (Second Ave)

East Village landmark with hot college boys on the weekends. Pool table; jukebox. Happy hour 4-8pm every day, 2-or-1 drinks.

  • Wed: Manhunt.
9 Ave A (Houston St)

New bar on the Lower East Side. Two levels, go-go boys,E-Vill crowd.

  • Mon: Magic Touch, Latin night; Pornucopia, dirty flix.
  • Wed: Hot w/ DJ Girlina.
  • Fri: Boys Gone Wild w/ DJ Steve Travolta.
  • Sat: Go-Go Idol w/ Cazwell.
  • Sun: Boys Life w/ Mike D.
700 E Ninth St (Ave C)
212-260-7970, 8pm Tue-Sun. No cover.

Same owners as Starlight. Mixed crowd, guest DJs.

  • Mon: Profoundly Incredible Tentacle w/ DJ Satisfaction Pony.
  • Thu: Bling, women's party.
  • Sun: My House w/ guest DJs.
Dick's Bar
192 Second Ave (12th St)

Non-trendy crowd and incredible jukebox. Happy hour 2-8:30pm 2-for-1 Mon-Fri, $1 off all liquor Sat-Sun.

  • Mon: I Don't Like Mondays; '80s music.
  • Tue & Thu: Dick at Night, erotic movies, drink specials.
447 E 13th St (Ave A)
212-477-9979, 4pm-4am, free

Large men's bar with a lack of attitude. No theme nights, Pool table, excellent jukebox, beers on tap. Happy hour 4-8pm (2-for-1 domestic beer, well drinks), nightly drink specials 10pm-4am.

  • Mon: 2-for-1 well.
  • Tue: 2-for-1 draft.
  • Wed: $1 Bud.
  • Thu: $3 draft.
  • Fri: $2 dom beer.
101 Ave A (Sixth St)

Newly-revamped East Village legend

  • Fri: 1984, themed pop parties.
  • Sat: Rogue w/ Larry Tee, Tobell von Cartier.
167 Ave A (11th St)

Swanky bar and lounge.

  • Mon: Julian Fleisher's Monday Music.
  • Tue: Pu-Pu Platter w/ Johnny Roberts.
  • Wed: Starlight Revue w/ Keith Price.
  • Fri: DJ Dave Trumbull's house and soul.
  • Sat: DJ Bill Pfieffer's house and classics.
  • Sun: Starlette, women's party w/ DJ Mickey Dulanto.

The Cock

188 Ave A (12th St)
10pm, cover varies

Sleazy late night crowd.

  • Mon: DJ JonJon.
  • Tue: Cock & Soul w/ DJ Gant Johnson.
  • Wed: DJ Miss Guy.
  • Thu: DJ Scott Ewalt.
  • Fri: DJ Dominic Brando.
  • Sat: DJ Miss Guy.
  • Sun: Sperm w/ DJ Man Parrish.
The Hole
29 Second Ave (Second St)
Thu-Sat, 10pm-4am. Cover varies

Infamous East Village bar.

  • Wed: Soul in the Hole.
  • Thu: Big Gulp, $10 all-you-can-drink, rock 'n' roll w/ Keith and Cory.
  • Fri: Mad Clams, ladies night w/ Hot Pocket.
The Slide
356 Bowery (Fourth St), cellar
212-420-8885, 5pm-4am, cover varies

Trashy dive bar, with go-go boys every night. Happy hour 5-9pm.

  • Tue: Earl's Wiener Shack w/ Aaron Elvis.
  • First Fri: Clit Club, ladies' night.
  • Last Fri: Around the World.
  • Sat: High Life/Low Life w/ Sweetie. Sun: Transatlantic.
The Urge
33 Second Ave (Second St)
212-533-5757. No cover

Friendly East Village lounge with huge two-tier center bar, nightly DJs, cute bartenders, go-go boys, drag performances. Happy hour 2-for-1 4-10pm daily, Now offering healthy pomegranate cocktails.

  • Mon: Money Wheel w/ Cashetta.
  • Tue: Meat Market.
  • Wed: Ass Wednesday w/ Gusty Winds.
  • Thu: Barracks.
  • Sun: Desperate Housewives.


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