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Give A Little!

Sep 26, 2005

Top Trannie

There may be an intereting twist in the lastest installment of Tyra Bank's Top Model show.  Rumors have surfaced that one of the models may be hiding an extra something special, or used to at least.

Kennethinthe212 writes: "A longtime Top Model enthusiast/close friend tells me he's convinced there's going to be a major plot twist this season when it's revealed that contestant Coryn either "has a dick" or "used to have a dick" (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Apparently both my friend and Tyra were taken aback by Coryn's "Graucho Marx eyebrows" and impossibly sharp jawline (my pal says this picture on the UPN site "doesn't do her mannishness justice")"

This may be good news.  I  would love to see Miss Candis Cayne be a contender next year.

Can you spot the transexual?


(via queerty)

Sep 20, 2005

Hard Up


Says Pagesix about Michael Luca's Benefit for Relief antics:

"After attending the swishtastic Heatherette collection in the tents, the crafty he-whore hid under a makeup table backstage for three hours so he could sneak into Campbell's runway fest — where Beyoncé was overheard complaining that she was "buried in the middle" of the show. Lucas — whom HX magazine recently dubbed the "biggest media whore of the year" — was later spotted horning in on photos with Nicole Richie and Tyson Beckford."  Crafty, indeed.

Sep 07, 2005

Back from our holiday and reved up to go...

  • So what is with all of those Johnny Gill and Eddie Murphy gay rumors?  Socialite's life and inquiring minds want to know. 

Aug 30, 2005

Clay Aiken is at it again.  Although reports say he kept calling a certain hunk constantly while on set filming a movie, he thinks gay questions are "insulting".  A little discretion would remedy this Clay.

(via reality blurred)

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Aug 29, 2005

Claychen One of these things is not like the other.  Remember that song from Sesame Street?  That's what popped into my head when I read this at Perez Hilton.com.  Is Reichen a closeted Claymate? 

Reichen's camp: “I don’t really want to get into that.”

Aug 22, 2005

Jul 06, 2005

  • Jim Verraros (American Idol Season One) reveals to TV Guide that he's not the only gay contestant that was on the show.  He's just the only out one. via realityblurred

Jun 30, 2005

Gay rumors have always hounded Mr. Cruise.  But have you heard the latest one that involves Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20?  Jossip has all the gossip!

Jun 28, 2005



Are Queer Eye's Jai Rodriguez and The Restaurant's Rocco Dispirito together?  Initial reports from Gawker and now Reality Blurred are fanning the flames...of love.

Jun 24, 2005



Oprah: Do you remember me?

Hermes Girl: uh, no Im sorry I don't.

Oprah: I was in here the other day.  You wouldn't wait on me.  You work on commission right?

Hermes Girl: Why yes.

Oprah: Big mistake!  Huge!  I have to go shopping now.

May 18, 2005


Ryan_s Although the rumor mill has been churning this one out for a while, Queerday points to a Datalounge thread that has a posters weigh in on Ryan's very personal life.  The thread even includes a poster claiming Seacrest has had a few lovers, still others observe that perhaps Clay Aiken didn't respond to his advances and that's why they had a falling out.  Apparently, alot of this was sparked by Ryan deflecting Bo Bice's hand when he tried to put it around him a few weeks ago.  Hmmn...

There's also a Reality Blurred post from 2002 focusing on a TVGuide interview in which Ryan states that he's not gay.  Methinks thou dost protest too much!

May 17, 2005

Church Of the Poison Mind

Boy2_3 Miss George is in need of attention again!  This time he's dishing to a reporter about how he thinks David Geffen is a transexual and commenting about Hugh Jackman being gay.  "And you know who else? Hugh Jackman is so gay. I just saw him at a benefit the night before the Tony's and I saw him holding hands and kissing his lover! The nerve to go onstage during the awards to say he is not," as he raised an eyebrow, lit a cigarette, and proceeded to go for a bathroom break-a break that took about 10 minutes, with his whole posse." Oh Boy.

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Apr 08, 2005

Tatum's Night Out

ONeal Tatum - Photo XXL - Tatum ONeal and Kristy MacNicol

A socially lubricated Tatum O'Neal was spotted at Pop Burger in the Meatpacking District around midnight last night, where she proceeded to spill her drinks on other patrons and engage in a "lesbian view for all" with a pretty blond woman she spotted smoking outside.  The two were seen making out and groping each other like no body's business!  They were so entangled that they had to be told to stop, several times by their waiter.  They left together.  Hmmn...we've all had those nights haven't we. 

Tatum sweetie, make sure you get the girl's name before you kick her out of bed this morning.  And, don't call her for a few days.  via queerday.com

Mar 30, 2005

Sister Madge?

A4_2 Nunsense - Madge...er Esther and husband Guy Ritchie attended a party to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim at London's Kabbalah Centre last Thursday.  But according to reports, her Madgeness showed up dressed as a holy sister while husband Guy sported a priest outfit.  Outraged members of the American Catholic League claim the two stars should be beaten by a real life priest and nun for desecrating the scared attire.  What ever happened to turn the other cheek?  via femalefirst.co.uk

Mar 28, 2005

Missy's Misunderstood

Missy_1 Missy Gay Rumors Misunderstood - According to Shock Rock Gossip DJ Wendy Williams, Missy and Eva Pigford of Top Model fame are "workin' it". via contactmusic.com

Alicia's Outie!

Leather_alicia_3 She's outie - Sort of.  Well not really.  But this is what she said about a certain female celeb she recently co-starred with.  "I can daydream looking at her I think she's so beautiful. I want to cuddle her."via The Sun

Mar 08, 2005

Nick Carter's DUI

  • Pink Is The New Blog, NYCBoys' new favorite gossipista has all the sortid gossip on Brit Federline and other celebs, including a nice mug shot of a stoned out Nick Carter posing for his DUI bust taken from, of course, The Smoking Gun.

Jun 08, 2004

* I knew there was a reason for J-Lo's marathon to the altar. (Page Six reports)

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