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Jul 27, 2005

Queer Eye Casting Call


Calling all Twinks, Banjy Boy or Latin Flavas, Chelsea Boys, Bears, East Village Rockers, Leather Clads, Musical Theater Gays and Hamptons Guppies - here is your chance!!  Queer Eye is having a casting call for their upcoming dating show in NYC!  Please read the release below. 

(Do not contact this site for more info - we do not have any affiliation with the show).


Emmy Award winning reality show QUEER EYE casting gay men!!

We are casting an episode of our show about gay dating in New York City.

We are looking for good-looking single gay guys of all types to appear
on our show.

You'll get the chance to be on a hit reality show and come to a swanky

You'll be rubbing elbows with some of NYC's hottest gay men and THE FAB

PLEASE keep in mind:

1) This is the chance of a lifetime.

2) You will be amongst big wig hot gay guys at a swanky party for free!!

3) We want gay guys of specific "types" to appear.

If you or someone you know is SIMILAR to ANY of these types please email

* Twink
* Banjy Boy or Latin Flava
* Chelsea Boy
* Bear
* East Village Rocker
* Leather Clad
* Musical Theater Gay
* Hamptons Gay or Guppy


212-500-6327 or nford@thequeereye.com


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I want to thank the producers of Queer Eye for bringing the gay lifestyle to light for others that do not understand the "gay male". I think a dating show is excellent (depending on how it is presented)! In this time of fighting the world for the rites that all human beings have to marry, maybe this will show the excellent, and not so excellent sides of same sex dating. If I lived in New York, I would audition for the show without question.
PS. Why is always restricted to New York? Those of us in the rest of the country would love the opportunity. Besides! Men in the midwest have a lot to offer! LOL
Roger- Sioux Falls, SD.

I just wanted to say thank you for letting me know about this. I don't live in New York to take part, but you can bet that I emailed a couple of friends about it.

Got emails this week saying how they are taking part in this and some other things for Queer Eye now.

Yes, I also agree. This is so wrong. No progress will be made as long as this exists in our world. Makes me very sad. And on a lighter note: the choice of terminology used in the casting call is disturbingly lame: "big wig", "swanky party", "for free" (??). It sounds like someone's grandmother wrote this. I really doubt this would be "a chance of a lifetime", But my life isn't so miserable that I must lump myself into a 'type'... especially'guppy'! Hilarious.

I agree with Steven. I am my own person and refuse to lower myself to living a stereotype. Also, my aspirations are high and yet after seeing this farce, I'm sure my boss would rather I decorate the men's room than work in the board room.
(sigh) I guess at some point we all stereotype amd are victims of it. Perhaps I will wear mismatched clothes tomorrow just to be contrary.

This ad is so offensive to gay men. To insist that we "fit into" a stereotypical box for the sake of television is beyond the pale. No wonder the Christian Reich hates us so much if we ourselves are unwilling to be seen as the fully 3-dimensional people we really are?

There are those who say that any visibility for the queer community is good. I'd say the line stops at the queer eye guys who are clearly nothing but "gay uncle Tom's" to the straight world.

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