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Give A Little!

Jan 16, 2006

Dirty Boys


The MUDMEN are comin'! Check out Rambear's Flickr page chock full of dirty "mud wrestling" photos.  Hot.

Oct 25, 2005

Probst Away!

So Close

Roxy_madonna_matty (click to enlarge)

We came, we saw her, she danced.  We came again.  Matty, me and Madge.  Thanks to Louis for the photo.

Sep 19, 2005



Check it out!  Andy's DNA spread out for all of us to see in issue #67.  I'm sure some of the pages will be stuck together.  Yum!   Pick one up ASAP. 

Aug 17, 2005

Stupid Girl


So in the aftermath of the crap that went down in the Big Brother House this week after our beloved King Kaysar's return and in direct retaliation to Head of Household Jen's nomination to evict him, some cool kids have given us a website to vent our frustration.  Jenvasquezsucks.com comes not a day too soon as we wait for the inevitable on Thursday.  Here is the website's gripe of the stupid girl:

We at jenvasquezsucks.com dont hate “stupid girl” or anyone else. We are simply saying that Jen Vasquez SUCKS. Her play was within the BB rules, but it’s evident she used the dirtiest, most dishonest game tactics ever seen on Big Brother. AND she used it on America’s favorite player, Kaysar.

(via realityblurred.com)

Aug 05, 2005

  • The coke runs through it.  Italian scientists have come up with a way to test the rivers in Italy and get a sense of the cocaine usage in the area.  So far, sewage sifters have found that 40,000 hits of cocaine are consumed every day in the Po River Valley, although only 15,000 residents of that area admit to using.  How do you say "coke heads" in Italian? (via worldofwonder)

Jul 11, 2005

We're Not Afraid


After a weekend of bad news from across the pond, davenREport pointed us to a great website that basically says "up yours" to anyone trying to destroy this world. 

Its true, we are not afraid.

Jun 13, 2005

Guantanamo Gay

Zach A 16 year old gay blogger named Zach who came out to his family recently has been sent to an ex gay live-in program (or brainwashing camp, as I call it) in order to eradicate his homosexuality.  A nightmare.  Poor Zach has been logging his daily experiences in this prison on his blog and on May 30th Zach posted the programs heinous rules and regulations that seem to do everything that it can to erase a person's sense of being and self worth.  Is this what family values is all about?  The parents need to be institutionalized, not the child.

Zach's confinement has incited many protests, including one by a group called Queer Action Coalition that fights homophobia via its blog and is reporting on the daily protests at the facility.  Good luck Zach! (via Queerday.com)

Jun 10, 2005

Best Gay Blogs

BestgayblogsBest Gay Blogs gave NYBboys a nice nod today by posting our website on theirs!  The title reads "Hottest Blog Photo: New York City Boys"

We are very honored and dig that you think we're "hot, sexy, and fun".  We're blushing!

Thanks for the recognition!

May 27, 2005

Dirty Minds Think Alike

The guys at Beta have just posted their Phallic Logo Awards!  These are acknowledgements to companies who's logos look like dicks, cocks, schlongs...uh, you get the idea.  Makes you wonder what the brainstorming session for these logos was all about!  Here are a few weaners...uh, I mean winners. These are real company logos, folks!  Check out Beta for the whole enchilada!  via beta.com

Butysalon          Braziliananal_1


May 07, 2005

Lady Bunny Blogs In


The Lady Bunny, New York's foremost authority on rocks, cocks, and girls in frocks, has entered the blogosphere.  The Bunny Blog features ridiculous infomercials, weighs in on the new pope, porn food, and puffed up frogs.  She even gives us some insight on our favorite drag mamas.  Check out this one of a kind NY staple and founder of Wigstock takes a stab at the funtastic world of blogging.

Mar 17, 2005

We're Flattered!

..and flattery will get you everywhere Rocka!


Thanks to Rocka for nominating New York City Boys!

Mar 08, 2005

Nick Carter's DUI

  • Pink Is The New Blog, NYCBoys' new favorite gossipista has all the sortid gossip on Brit Federline and other celebs, including a nice mug shot of a stoned out Nick Carter posing for his DUI bust taken from, of course, The Smoking Gun.

Mar 07, 2005

Let the Blogger Beware

Mar 02, 2005

Spanish Adventures


For many latins, Spain is the mother country.  The one that gave birth to the masses of latinos and sprinkled them throughout the world. I, born of Argentinian parents, was raised with to believe in that sentiment. 
With that said, it is Spain the NYCBoys will be traveling to this April on a Thelma& Louise/Easy Rider adventure.  The roadtrip will start off in Madrid, and it will take us through the Spanish countryside to Valencia, Toledo, the coastline to Barcelona and then back north to Bilbao and the Guggenheim Museo.  We'll document the saga on this blog and let you take the ride with us.
So in keeping with the Spanish theme, it seems fitting to introduce our newest NYCBoys blog partner Spanish Adventures!.  Welcome.  Bienvenido!

Feb 28, 2005

  • Manhunt Revisited - Andy Towle gives us our Monday morning gratuitous beefcake by providing an insight on what the boys have been doing lately.  via towleroad

Feb 18, 2005

Project Runway iMix

Arjanwrites_imixprojectunrw                             Courtesy of Arjanwrites.com

Fellow Blogger and music afficionado, Arjan has put together an amazing compilation of tunes in honor of Bravo's Project Runway. His eclectic choice is fabulous and mirrors the drama, styles, and cattyness of the show.  Go to his site to access the iTunes iMix.

Feb 15, 2005

NY Blogads


This blog is helping launch the NYC Blogads network, which allows advertisers to place an ad on several New York City blogs with a single click. As the network launches today, an advertiser would reach more than 200,000 NYC blog readers via 17 sites.
To see which other blogs are taking part, click through to the link at Blogads:

Beat the rush, order ads on New York blogs now

Blogads is allowing bloggers to create mini-networks in hopes of promoting blogs around a single theme in order to make life easier for advertisers trying to figure out how to reach the growing legions of blog readers.

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