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Feb 23, 2006

Peace Concert 3.20.06


Nov 03, 2005

Spin Spin Sugah!!


YES, we've heard it too...the entire album!  We must confess, we can't stop listening to it!  HOT!!!

Andy has the review.

Oct 05, 2005

Sing A Long With Madge!

Sing_a_long (click on image to play)

Wanna sing a long with Madonna?  Then check out Madge's website.  The main page has a portion of the new single, Hung Up to sing with.  You can really hear ABBA's "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme" sample on this portion of the song.  Confessions On A Dancefloor debuts November 15th in the US.  Click on pic above to go there.

Sep 16, 2005



According to Madonnalicious, the Warner Music Japan  site has published a picture that they state is "a current album picture" for the upcoming "Confessions of a Dancefloor".  Even if this isn't final product, we can at least get a glimpse of what Madge may be going for.  The album drops in November.

(via madonnalicious)

Aug 31, 2005

Final Countdown

Confessions_2 (click to play)

According to Madge's website, the countdown to "Confessions on a Dancefloor" has begun. 

The first single Hung Up does contain a sample from an ABBA song Gimme Gimme Gimme.  Previous reports had suggested a sample from ABBA's other song, Ring Ring.  Liz Rosenberg denied that.

Madonnalicious also reports today that plans are also in the works for a 30 second clip to be released on October 12th as a mobile ringtone.   

Aug 16, 2005

American Angel

So I was walking up Lafayette Street yesterday afternoon, when I saw a production crew filming in front of the Puck Building.  Me, being nosey, joined the other lookey-loos and wondered if anyone famous was working.  And then I spotted her.  Miss Fantasia Barrino was filming a video!  In angel wings????  Umm...ok. Well, whatever, I gotta have a picture!


So I whipped out my camera and just then a huge (and I mean, HUUUGE) bodyguard came up to me and said, "Do you understand English, NOOO PICTURES!"  I said, "I didn't hear anything about no pictures, but ok."  So, he walked away.  I took more pictures. 

What?  Like he was gonna stop me?

Fantasia2 Fantasia3

Aug 02, 2005

Desperately Seeking Abba

Abba Anticipating Madonna's new album, Confessions on a Dance Floor, there is much speculation and rumors regarding the new single.  One of the most interesting rumors is that Madge's first single "Hung Up", will be sampling ABBA's song "Ring, Ring".  Madonna.com has no mention of this strange combo, but Abba Fan sites and sites like DJ Peter Rauhofer's are all a buzz. Confessions on a Dance Floor will be out this fall.  (via madonnalicious)

Update:  Liz Rosenberg has confirmed to madonnalicious that Madonna's new single Hung Up does NOT contain a sample of ABBA's Ring Ring as previously reported on the www.undercover.au website.

Jun 07, 2005

Play, Stop, Rewind

We're back from Gay Disney & still reeling from the fun, fun, fun that we had.  We ran into many of our favorite bloggers (who will remain nameless).  It was nice to finally match a face to a name, or in this case a blog. 

For those that didn't go, here are the songs that lit the dance floor on fire this weekend.  Learn them, live them, love them!

  • Debby Holiday - Dive (Chris Cox Club Anthem) - Typical anthem with all the right ups and and bangin' vocals. Itunes_5

  • Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (Dance Mix) - Fierce Gwen goes BA-NAN-AS in this re-worked tune (only radio edit available on iTunes).  Itunes_4

  • Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha (Ralphi's Hot Freak 12" Vox Mix) - Truly the dance song of the weekend.  It was heard throughout the parties and the boys were humming it on the plane ride back (no remix on iTunes, but you'll do right by finding this dance mix). Itunes_4

May 03, 2005

Peter "rent boy" Dougherty

Kate Moss' boyfriend Peter Dougherty of the Brit band Babyshambles admited in his new book that he likes his "bread buttered" both ways and that he was at one time a rent boy.  His ex lover also chimes in saying that she once caught him in the shower "delicately soaping a naked man".  via queerday.com 

Apr 20, 2005

She's A Lady!

Mel_c Ex Spice Girl Melanie C, now working smaller venues in the UK, sees herself as a "lesbian Tom Jones"  because of the fact that panties are constantly being thrown on stage to her.  Considered the best voice of the group, she now has a new album out and is set for a comeback. via icliverpool.com 

Apr 19, 2005

Scumfrog Edition


Hit The NY Club Mixes - Scumfrog Edition: New Yorkers are very finicky and critical about their club music.  They like their music, edgy, rough, bassy, full of muscle and always complemented by incredible vocals.  In other words, FIERCE.  Scumfrog certainly delivers that.  Here are a few remixes that I dig and that have found their way to my favorite iPod playlist.  Unfortunately most of these songs are not found in iTunes, but you're resourceful and you'll certainly find a way to get them.  Enjoy.

Not_in_itunes_5 Love At First SIght (Scumfrog Club Mix) - Kylie Minogue: A definite goodie with a strong intro and a new take on the hook.

Go_to_song_7 So Gone (Scumfrog Remixes-m Club Mix) - Monica: Cunty and bitchy and one for the drag queen in all of us.

Not_in_itunes_6 Blindsided (Scumfrog Remix) - Lucy Woodward: Nice and bassy and perfect for those peak hours.

Not_in_itunes_7 (Another Fucking) Love Song (Scumfrog Remix) - Amiel: Incredible intro with a slammin melodic and bitter vocal.

Go_to_song_12 It's All Good (Scumfrog Extended Mix) - Fantasia: The best anthem for 2005 thus far intermixed with Fantasia's unmistakeable voice.

Go_to_song_12 Time (Scumfrog Remix ) - Murk: Dark, rough and ready!  A comparable Rauhofer mix is available in iTunes and still fierce. 

Not_in_itunes_8 Sunshine (Scumfrog Mix) - Tomas vs Filterheadz: A great mix, long and full of everything we like to keep it going. 

Apr 11, 2005

Shears Delight

Jake1_2 This weekend in NYC certainly was a delight.  You can't beat 75 degrees.  We took advantage of the nice weather to catch the Ashes & Snow exhibit on Pier 54.  It was incredible, haunting and mesmerizing.  A must, if you're in town. 

The next stop was Monster Sushi on Hudson and a seat behind Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters!!!  We LOVE Scissor Sisters and we LOVE Jake...his music, his style!  He's the shit!  After our meal we chatted with Jake for a bit before he left on his rollerblades to wherever, and was kind enough to take pics with us.  Thanks again Jake. And thanks to Terri for the photos! (Click on photos to enlarge)

Jake2 Asgroup

Mar 24, 2005

Hit The NY Club Mixes


Ok guys, so here's a little compilation of the stuff that keeps me going everyday.  I hope you like.

  • "Waiting For Summer"(extended Club Mix) - Soon : Sultry vocal trance on top of Ibiza-like base line.  A peak hour must. Itunes

  • "How Soon Is Now" - Tatu : Not danceable but The Smith's cover sans Morrissey and replaced with earie girly vocals has a nice grooveItunes

  • "Love Is Gonna Save The Day"(Latour & Legg's Radio Mix) - Georgie Porgie : A throw back to the good ole day of the now infamous club The Saint. Itunes

  • When Dawn Breaks (Original Mix) - Narcotic Thrust : Another peak hour energy soarer with deep male vocals. Itunes

  • "Dance For Love" (Hex Hector Mix) - Kevin Aviance : Not in iTunes, but this sexy, fun, and fierce Diva certainly knows how to turn it out.

  • "What You Need Tonight (Sagitaire Vocals)" - Emma B & Nu Circles : Trancie dance vocals with a club base that's sure to keep the summer parties goingItunes

  • "I Love I Love" (Georgie's Anthem Mix) - Georgie Porgie : Chants and a definite happy hook keeps you on the dance floor (preferably the middle, with your shirt off). Itunes_2

  • "Safe" (Miguel Migs Petal Pusher Mix) - Kaskade : Miguel Migs gives this mix a nice bassy sunset cocktail party feel.  Definitely one for the end of the day.

Feb 18, 2005

Project Runway iMix

Arjanwrites_imixprojectunrw                             Courtesy of Arjanwrites.com

Fellow Blogger and music afficionado, Arjan has put together an amazing compilation of tunes in honor of Bravo's Project Runway. His eclectic choice is fabulous and mirrors the drama, styles, and cattyness of the show.  Go to his site to access the iTunes iMix.

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