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Jun 30, 2005

LOGO Launches


In NYC - Time Warner Channel 155 starting at 9:00pm


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Suggestion for Logo Television
I salute Logo and hope it prospers and has a long life, reaching far beyond the gay world. However, as a gay man of 57, a Viet Nam veteran and 9/11 survivor, with some life experiences, I must express my strong feelings about a topic which stays on my mind constantly. I would very much encourage more serious programming on "Logo" Television about important gay issues, especially in light of the current Christian backlash against gay rights. One way of doing this is to air "Paragraph 175", and air it often. It is without a doubt to date the most disturbing documentary on how far religious fanatics or military dictatorships will go to systematically and effectively remove "undesirables", namely homosexual men from society. Gay life is far from being "gay" all the time and as gay hatred is on the rise, so too should be educating the public at large on our violent past and uncertain future. No one believed gays were in danger as Hitler rose to power, or that their lives would meet with such violent and horrible ends. We have a president and all his religious supporters with a not too different agenda. While I applauded Logo and gay television, I feel strongly that such issues should be included more in your programming. If we are not made ware of what is going on, of our past and our present or our upcoming situation, what kind of future do we have? If I have spoken out of turn and you do have such informative documentaries scheduled, please forgive me. I want to make certain that "gay" is also serious at times because unfortunately, life is.
James M. McDonald

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