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Give A Little!

Jan 25, 2006

Cielo 1.29.06

It's Josh Wood's birthday.  Be there kids!


Master Class: Junior Vasquez
at Cielo
Sunday, January 29th
It's my Birthday Party.   
To celebrate, Junior Vasquez Music and Josh Wood
will donate a portion of the door proceeds to
The Stonewall Community Foundation.
Junior spins from 8pm to 2am. 
Please arrive early.
Cielo, 18 Little West 12th Street. 

Jan 20, 2006

Love Ball 1.28.06


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Oct 26, 2005

Andy Bell for Halloween


Oct 25, 2005

So Close

Roxy_madonna_matty (click to enlarge)

We came, we saw her, she danced.  We came again.  Matty, me and Madge.  Thanks to Louis for the photo.

Oct 24, 2005

  • Our last Madonna post, promise! - We just wanted to let you know that Queerty is holding a Madonna contest. 

    A Queerty reader is going to be treated like a VIP this Friday. 1984’s Halloween Madonna-thon is always a packed event. Perhaps you missed the Roxy this past weekend. Here is your chance to dance with Madonna again. It is all Madonna, all night.

  • Check out the "deets" here.

Sep 22, 2005


It’s me again… I know I said I would stop blogging but… time has passed and like Anne Heche - I’ve changed my mind.  During my blog break I officially became a New York City Boy, and thanks to Pablo you get to vicariously experience my nightlife shenanigans once again.


“So how would a guy get the both of you home - tonight,” was the question posed to my buddy Gio and I during the midst of a Newport session on the back patio of NYC’s infamous east village haunt, Beige.

“Depends on the guy, and what type of home,” Gio responded, half flirting. Half dissing. I decided to play my position, afraid of tipping the scale in either direction.

The offer, which was extended by a bottle blonde, tight designer jean clad (ever so slightly exposing a baby butt crack) almost-a-muscle boy, seemed beyond tantalizing.Under most circumstances, I would have been down for a naughty tryst – strangely enough, this offer didn’t contain the usual circumstances.

To the usual NYC party boy, a hot threesome would be the caveat to any New York night.I was turned on by the idea, I’m no prude, but when I participate in those types of dealings, I’m usually the guest star, not a regular cast member.

Considering that Gio belongs to my club harem and he’s my only gym buddy… a threesome involving him would actually involve him – and that’s scary. It’s not that I didn’t find Gio attractive (all my friends are hot, otherwise they wouldn’t be friends), but I didn’t want to ruin our friendship by tainting it with dirty debauchery gone awry.

So when Gio conveniently departed to the bar to refill our drinks, I pulled our potential partner closer and explained, “Threesomes are hot, but I can’t get down with my buddy, it would just be way too weird for me,” he looked up at me slightly deflated, like a child whose birthday balloon had just been popped. “But I could be open to some one on one action.”

With that, my phone soon buzzed with Blondie’s digits, and he was off.Eons later Gio giddily returns with our drinks.

“What took you so long,” I bitched.

“Nothing big, just chatting up the Blonde dude,” he pauses, before continuing with, “He gave me his number, so that we can hang later.”

“Really,” I muster, before confessing, “He gave me his number too.”

It then occurred to me that we both were trying to cut each other out of the threesome.It only reinforced why I love hanging with Gio, we’re both cut-throat sluts.

- Rocka.

Aug 10, 2005

Great Scott


I love NYC nightlife.  It's edgy and hard and fabulous and some of the best DJs come from NYC.  One of those is DJ Scotty Thomson.  Scotty is fierce and when you visit NYC you can hear him play live at XL and at Spirit on Sundays. 

For those not from these parts, you can still check him out by visiting his website.  I was totally unaware of this cool site until a friend turned me onto it (thanks Donn!!).  Click on the music player that lets you hear Scotty's latest set in full!  If you still want more, you can register and download in full some of his high quality sets for your ipod.  That's hot!

Jul 14, 2005

Unholy Spirit


The nightclub formerly known as Limelight is once again shutting its doors. The deconsecrated Episcopalian church on West 20th Street, most recently known as Avalon, will close July 24. Co-owner John Blair is jumping ship to rival megaclub Spirit, while his partners Steve Adelman and John Lyons plan to re-open the space as a concert venue in the fall.
Limelight hosted some of clubland's greatest excesses in the go-go '80s and early '90s with club-kid turned killer, Michael Alig and eye-patched club king Peter Gatien. The unholy haunt was closed from 1994-'96 and was shuttered again in 2002. It re-opened in November of that year as short-lived Estate, then re-opened as Avalon three months later.
  • In related news, club-kid killer Michael Alig, of Party Monster fame is said to be released from the big house on the 24th (same night as the club's closing).  Interesting coincidence or cosmic karma? 

Jun 30, 2005


Between the sheets at Duvet.


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