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Aug 31, 2005

Final Countdown

Confessions_2 (click to play)

According to Madge's website, the countdown to "Confessions on a Dancefloor" has begun. 

The first single Hung Up does contain a sample from an ABBA song Gimme Gimme Gimme.  Previous reports had suggested a sample from ABBA's other song, Ring Ring.  Liz Rosenberg denied that.

Madonnalicious also reports today that plans are also in the works for a 30 second clip to be released on October 12th as a mobile ringtone.   


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PopMuse.com thinks you should read... Madonna and Janet on Gay Rights circa 1990 and the outting of Arnold...

American life was so underated - the title song was not that geat and because of this people were not willing to give the rest of this amazing disc a listen.

.... Madonna is ripping off Gwen Stefani! That clock audio sample is totally from What Ya Waiting For. I mean, I guest it's payback, cause Gwen has built a career on ripping off Mo. But I'm just saying, some web kid made a bog flob by using that sample.

i hope this album doesn't suck like american life

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