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Jun 24, 2005



Oprah: Do you remember me?

Hermes Girl: uh, no Im sorry I don't.

Oprah: I was in here the other day.  You wouldn't wait on me.  You work on commission right?

Hermes Girl: Why yes.

Oprah: Big mistake!  Huge!  I have to go shopping now.


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Please Miss Thing! You have lost your carpet munchin mind. Get over it. You are so out of touch. Wasn't getting molested a wee bit more humiliating than not being let into Hermes after hours? Freak.

Please. Let's not feel sorry for Oprah. Girl shows up after a store has closed and she says it's the most humiliating moment of her life? C'mon. OH-MY-Madonna! Get out of here! Really Oprah. I doubt many of your fans are going to have too much sympathy...they shop at Wal-Mart where a purse is $6.00 and not $6,000.00. Perhaps had this "atrocity" happened there, they might feel your pain! Girl is becoming out of touch...even with her gay fans!

Poor sad Oprah. now she'll have to find some place else to spend 4'000USD on a scarf.

Poor sad Oprah. Know she'll have to find some place else to spend 4'000USD on a scarf.

I hate the French.

I CAN'T STAND THAT WOMAN. The shop was closed and because she thinks she is important, they should reopen for her?

Oprah, face reality!

I wish I had the guts to do that.

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