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Jun 21, 2005

Holmes Schooled


When this whole Tomkat bullcrap came about, I vowed never to post anything to do with that mess.  That is, until I read this little tidbit from Socialite's Life titled "Katie Holme's and the Missing 16 Days".  Juicy, Juicy, Juicy!

In it, we find that Katie was incomunicato from her family for over two weeks.  In that time she:

  • Ditched her religion
  • Said "bye, bye" to her close friends
  • Fired her longtime manager
  • Fired her longtime agent

What will Tom's next movie be, hmmmm?  I say, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".(via Socialite's Life)


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It's amazing how 16 days can chage your life.

But did you see this bit of gossip?

Tom Cruise's $5m, 5-year Katie Holmes contract

Tom Cruise paid Katie Holmes to be his lover. Tom's contract with Katie Holmes promises the young starlet five million dollars if she keeps up the routine for five years.

Lucky for her, there's a clause to guarantee no unnecessary sex.

Just this week, Tom Cruise tried to silence the skeptics - popping the question at the Eiffel Tower and sealing the deal with a French kiss.

Hours after his proposal was accepted, Cruise, 42, trotted out Holmes, 26, at a press conference to promote his upcoming big-budget movie "War of the Worlds."

"Yes, I proposed to her," Cruise announced before he and his bride-to-be bussed for the cameras.

Skeptics speculated it was all a creepy publicity stunt, and T-shirts with the slogan "Free Katie" started popping up.

Even Cruise's ex-wife Nicole Kidman - who was sandwiched between his first marriage to Mimi Rogers and his relationship with Penelope Cruz - cocked an eyebrow.

"In terms of your life, if you start to exploit it, then what's real and what's not?" she told Vanity Fair.

It's all from the following blog http://www.mostbeautifulman.com/gossip/

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