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Give A Little!

Jan 25, 2006

Cielo 1.29.06

It's Josh Wood's birthday.  Be there kids!


Master Class: Junior Vasquez
at Cielo
Sunday, January 29th
It's my Birthday Party.   
To celebrate, Junior Vasquez Music and Josh Wood
will donate a portion of the door proceeds to
The Stonewall Community Foundation.
Junior spins from 8pm to 2am. 
Please arrive early.
Cielo, 18 Little West 12th Street. 

Jan 20, 2006

Love Ball 1.28.06


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Jan 18, 2006

Peter Berlin


Jan 16, 2006

Dirty Boys


The MUDMEN are comin'! Check out Rambear's Flickr page chock full of dirty "mud wrestling" photos.  Hot.

Jan 13, 2006

First, I Was Afraid...

Jesus_survives_1                  Click on image to play


Nov 10, 2005

Mean Gays

Mean_gays                                                      (Click on Image to Play)

A bunch of crazy Yale college students (with apparently alot of time on their hands) created this funny spoof on the Mean Girls film entitled "Mean Gays"

Say hello to The Latex.  SHUT UP!!  This movie is soooo "poof"!

(via collegehumor.com)

Oct 26, 2005

Andy Bell for Halloween


Oct 13, 2005

Rumor Patrol

So, this is the email NYCBoys received from J. Blair and the Roxy folks.  So, calm the hell down!  She ain't coming!


Oct 12, 2005

Scab Q & A



We recently posted about an upcoming gay flick that had gotten our attention.  We were intrigued by Scab and the films premise seems smart.  We wanted more though, so we sat down with Scab director Thomas Jason Davis (pictured) to discuss the film, Christina Ricci and blood suckers.  Not necessarily in that order.

NYCB:  Hi Mr. Davis thanks for taking the time to answer our question.

TJD:  Hey, Pablo! Feel free to call me Jason. Given that you’re forced to ask about scabs, at least you should be able to do it on a first-name basis. And thanks for your questions and time; I’m excited to get the word out about our little flick.

NYCB:  Right!  So, why the name Scab?

TJD:  "Without revealing too much (a guy’s gotta maintain some mystery), Scab refers to the very biological transformation my vampires undergo. I didn’t approach vampirism as a “curse.” I thought it more interesting to approach vampirism as a biological change, like puberty. And, like puberty, becoming a vampire is no less traumatic. And no less morally ambiguous.

NYCB:  You could also related that to coming out as well.  Why did you want to make this film?

TJD:  The vampires and the story came first. Then came the characters. I became fascinated with the characters. I became fascinated with their inability to relate to others, their inability to relate to themselves, and the pathological fear that drives this disconnect. This is what caused Scab to become less a slasher-flick, and more a character-study. It’s the best kind of set-up (and my favorite type of set-up): fucked-up people in fucked-up situations.

I also wanted to make Scab (as did producers Arik Ben Treston and Randall Walk) because it’s a queer movie. It’s a movie about guys who happen to be gay; it’s not a movie about being gay. As gay filmmakers, we’re looking toward a shift in focus for queer cinema. It’s already happening with sub-genres such as gay-slasher, gay-mystery, and gay-action. I’m looking forward to stories that hinge on story and character, not simply the character’s sexual orientation.

NYCBThe horror movie genre has a big fan base.  Is there anything that you included in the movie that pays homage to classic horror films?   

TJD:  Scab falls under the large umbrella of horror films that focus on misunderstood monsters. From Frankenstein to The Fly, Scab definitely owes a debt to those films. I didn’t go out of my way to reference any particular scene from another movie, but the mood of several films certainly fed my writing. Two films, in particular, that Scab echoes is Ginger Snaps and May. Both have iconic misanthropes, both focus on the horror within the characters as much as the horror without, and both wallow in their sardonic tone and a wickedly dark sense of humor. Scab definitely does this.


NYCB:  Because of the genre of film you make, casting your films with big names may be a bit difficult, who would be some of your dream actors to work with?

TJD:  Are you saying big-name male actors don’t want their chance at a gratuitous shower scene in a queer horror flick? Then I’ll just have to catch ‘em on their way up (or their way down, I’m not picky).

Who are my dream actors? I’ve long had a guy-crush on Christina Ricci. She’s smart, beautiful, and frighteningly good at what she does. I’d love to put those big saucer-sized eyes to work in any number of emotionally-devastating scenes. Jake Gyllenhaal of course. He’s hot, he’s got this great affable, everyguy quality about him, and—oh, yeah—his acting’s not that bad, either. The list is endless, obviously— Peter Sarsgaard, Lauren Ambrose, Jesse Bradford, Tilda Swinton. I’d be honored to work any number of actors in the indie scene today.

We currently have a few productions in the queue: Scary Mary, a gay supernatural-thriller, and Wading in Silverlake, a gay mad-cap farce. Both are much less subversive than Scab. And both have a much better chance of piquing the interest of more established actors. I’m definitely not writing any of the dream actors off my list. And I’m also not discounting the fact that there are thousands of as-yet-undiscovered and equally-talented actors out there. The insanely talented cast of Scab proves that.

NYCB:  Yes, Jake is dreamy, isn't he?  (Sigh....pause..)  So, then do you think that there is a market for gay horror in mainstream Hollywood ?

TJD:  Definitely. As long as you rein in the male nudity and gay sex (though a slew of mainstream horror films push the homoerotic envelope), I think a mainstream audience would be fine with a gay man or lesbian in the lead of a horror film. And I think it’s about time we were. I’m tired of being the comic relief, earmarked as an early victim, or having our sexuality become a third-act plot twist. I’m ready for one of us to be the Final Girl/Guy.

NYCB:  Yeah, I agree.  The gay sided kick thing is tired.  Given your film’s subject matter, is there a pressure to portray certain types of gay characters.

TJD:  Because queer cinema still seems to be in its proving-ground, there’s a definite pressure to present positive representations of gay life. That’s not Scab, though. Scab is fucked-up people in fucked-up situations and the characters’ eventual struggles with that. Queer cinema doesn’t need to be positive; it just needs to be honest.

A tendency in all filmmaking is to fall back on established caricatures. For gays: The ditzy twink, the flaky tweaker, the bitchy queen, or self-absorbed gym-bunny. The pressure for all filmmakers is to take the caricatures and find the characters. That’s the biggest pressure. And I don’t think most filmmakers ever stop asking themselves if they’ve actually accomplished the goal.

NYCB:  What about a script turns you on enough to turn it into a film?

TJD: It has to be emotionally honest. And it has to have a sense of humor. It doesn’t have to be stomach-cramping funny, but there must be a touch of the absurd or a deep abiding grotesqueness. Secrets and dysfunction interest me. I want to see what’s beneath a person’s mask, what they’re like when they think no one’s looking. I want that in my movies. I need that in a movie if I’m devoting months on end to the project.

NYCB:  Is there any subject matter that would be taboo for even you?

TJD:  No. Never. Bring it on. Taboos (or at least the idea of taboos) rock. A little audience discomfort never hurt anyone. It makes an audience think. It makes them gasp. And even if it makes them mad, it still makes them react. I’d take a movie that pushes my buttons over one that bores me. Boredom should be a cardinal sin.

NYCB:  Boredom and acid wash jeans, I think.  How has the gay internet/blog community embraced your work?

TJD:  We’re just gearing up (our World Premiere is next week) and the initial reaction has been positive. We’re working to get the word out about Scab. We have an interesting movie, this queer vampire drama that is less horror and more character-study, and now we have to find our audience. They’re out there. They just don’t know it yet.

NYCB:  Is Scab being released in time for Halloween?  What are the release dates?   

JD:  Scab’s World Premiere is October 21st at the Reel Affirmations Film Festival in Washington D.C. After that, it’ll be at the Reeling Film Festival in Chicago on November 6th. Future film festivals are in the works. And stay posted, we’re in talks with several distributors and the release date will be announced soon.

NYCB:  Wow, well definitely keep us posted and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.  We wish you all the best with Scab. Thanks again.

Watch the Scab Trailer here. 

Oct 07, 2005

Black & Blue

Yes, we're going.  How could we pass it up?  It's the BBMC's Fifteenth anniversary and they are celebrating by bringing back the main event into the center field of the Olympic Stadium.  We are so there. 


Sep 30, 2005

The BS Squad

Bs_squad                                    (click on image to start clip)

This little NSFW short has been making its rounds around the web for a little while now.  It's the BS Squad featuring Paul and Frank and they explain why they are "NOT gay"!!

Sep 29, 2005

Oh The Horror!

And the gay slasher flick trend continues...

This time, it's SCAB.  The tag line? Vampires. Lube. Loathing.


Upon reading the story plot, I'm a bit perturbed by the verbage they use.  It reads less like a movie and more like bareback porn.  Here is a sample:

  • West Hollywood. 2:40 AM. Ajay and a one-night stand swap spit. But instead of using Ajay's hole, the one-night stand makes new ones of his own. Left with a bug no antibiotic can quell, Ajay slips off the radar and into a sloppy quest for food. After several days of incommunicado, Teague (the requisite geek who unrequitedly loves Ajay) and Floor (a straight-boy friend), check in on Ajay. Ajay looks like warmed-over death. Ajay uses Teague's sympathy to drag him and Floor to Las Vegas (and away from an excessively sloppy kill).


SCAB looks interesting enough and as campy and ridiculous as it was, I enjoyed Hellbent.  Let's hope this one does better at the box office.

Watch The Trailer Here.

Sep 26, 2005

Top Trannie

There may be an intereting twist in the lastest installment of Tyra Bank's Top Model show.  Rumors have surfaced that one of the models may be hiding an extra something special, or used to at least.

Kennethinthe212 writes: "A longtime Top Model enthusiast/close friend tells me he's convinced there's going to be a major plot twist this season when it's revealed that contestant Coryn either "has a dick" or "used to have a dick" (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Apparently both my friend and Tyra were taken aback by Coryn's "Graucho Marx eyebrows" and impossibly sharp jawline (my pal says this picture on the UPN site "doesn't do her mannishness justice")"

This may be good news.  I  would love to see Miss Candis Cayne be a contender next year.

Can you spot the transexual?


(via queerty)

Sep 20, 2005

Hard Up


Says Pagesix about Michael Luca's Benefit for Relief antics:

"After attending the swishtastic Heatherette collection in the tents, the crafty he-whore hid under a makeup table backstage for three hours so he could sneak into Campbell's runway fest — where Beyoncé was overheard complaining that she was "buried in the middle" of the show. Lucas — whom HX magazine recently dubbed the "biggest media whore of the year" — was later spotted horning in on photos with Nicole Richie and Tyson Beckford."  Crafty, indeed.

Sep 15, 2005

Balls Out

Mets_1 Pay attention gay boys and girls.  It seems the Mets have joined the bandwagon and introduced a gay night into their season!

For all of you butch baseball fanatics, here is the scoop. 

"Out @ the Ballgame at Shea Stadium" will be held on Thursday, Sept 29th @ 7:10pm with the New York Mets vs. Colorado Rockies!

For this event, there are Mezzanine Reserved seats available for $19.00 each.  The New York Mets will donate a portion of each ticket purchased through the Online Group Ticket Window to the Big Apple Softball League.

To purchase tickets visit The Mets

Go to Group Tickets and then Online Group Ticket Window


See you at the ball game.  I'll take a long hot dog please!

Sep 09, 2005

A Brave Kiss

Charlene A "straight A" student enrolled in a number of advanced placement and honors classes and was a candidate for the National Honor Society, was disciplined and suspended from school for showing affection to her girlfriend on campus.  She has filed a civil right's lawsuit

17-year old Charlene Nguon is suing the Garden Grove Unified School District  to stop discrimination and harassment of her and other gay and lesbian students on campus of Santiago High.

(via 365gay.com)

"Charlene is the type of child every parent should be proud of," said Christine P. Sun, staff attorney for the ACLU of Southern California. "Instead of derailing Charlene's academic achievements because she is a lesbian, school administrators should be doing their job to make sure that every student thrives regardless of their sexual orientation."

Nguon's grades slipped when she switched to Bolsa Grande High School as she struggled to catch up with that school's curriculum and her commute grew from a four block walk to a 4 and a half mile bike ride.

Aug 30, 2005

Clay Aiken is at it again.  Although reports say he kept calling a certain hunk constantly while on set filming a movie, he thinks gay questions are "insulting".  A little discretion would remedy this Clay.

(via reality blurred)

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Aug 22, 2005

Rampant Iran

Noose It is just so disturbing and dispicable.  Another execution of a gay man occured on August 16th in the city of Arak in Iran.  This is the third execution of a homosexual in the past 2 months, that we know about.  So far, however, the mainstream media has failed to pick up this developing story.  Why?

We were first made aware of these attrocities when Andy Towle reported on the two men boys executed in that country in July.  The reason for those boys' hanging was that they had apparently rape a 13 year old boy.  The allegations thus far are unfounded. 

Iran isn't done with gays yet.  It is said that more executions are scheduled for the end of this month.  Disgusting!

(Via 365gay and towleroad)

Aug 12, 2005

Sex Sells


I've been completely oblivious to it, but the Museum of Sex has been Objectifying The Male Body since June 16th.  Men Without Suits - Objectifying The Male Body, an exhibit set in a timeline tracing male form from classical Greece to the 21st Century, is an eye catching colage showcasing the male body with works from Edwin Townsend and most notably, George Platt Lynes.  If you want to get out of the heat but still want to "sweat" a little, check out the Museum of Sex (233 Fifth Ave at 27th St).

Aug 10, 2005

Great Scott


I love NYC nightlife.  It's edgy and hard and fabulous and some of the best DJs come from NYC.  One of those is DJ Scotty Thomson.  Scotty is fierce and when you visit NYC you can hear him play live at XL and at Spirit on Sundays. 

For those not from these parts, you can still check him out by visiting his website.  I was totally unaware of this cool site until a friend turned me onto it (thanks Donn!!).  Click on the music player that lets you hear Scotty's latest set in full!  If you still want more, you can register and download in full some of his high quality sets for your ipod.  That's hot!

Foreign Affairs

Spain_1 Spain - Spain's same-sex marriage law includes foreigners the justice ministry has ruled.  The ministry said that restrictions on the marriages of same-sex couples is illegal. In a ruling published this week in the Official State Bulletin, the ministry said it came to the "conclusion that a marriage between a Spaniard and a foreigner, or between foreigners of the same sex resident in Spain, shall be valid as a result of applying Spanish material law, even if the foreigner's national legislation does not allow or recognize the validity of such marriages."

Thai_1 Thailand - On Wednesday restrictions were removed on gays and transsexuals serving in the military. Officials also announced that it was removing homosexuality and transgenderism from its list of mental disorders following years of complaints from the LGBT community that the ban was discriminatory.

"The existing conscription law has been promulgated since 1954, when there were few homosexuals and transvestites, but society is changing very fast, so the army is in the process of amending the law and omitting those words from the certificate," said Lt. Gen. Arthorn Lohitkul, director general of the Army Reserve Command.

(via 365gay.com)

Wigstock '05


In the beginning....and very late one night in the spring of '84 a drunken group of friends, seeking more diversions, traipsed over to Tompkins Square Park, six-packs in tow. Brian Butterick, Michael "Kitty" Ullman, Wendy Wild, The "Lady" Bunny and a few members of the Fleshtones were horsing around in the bandshell when someone came up with the idea of putting on a show - a day-long drag festival - and calling it Wigstock.  Thus, the worlds most legendary drag-centric extravaganza was born.

This year, Wigstock 05 is alive and kicking (and screaming) at Tompkins Square Park on SATURDAY, AUGUST 27, 5-7pm. 


Aug 08, 2005

Guards Up!

Nypd Hate Crimes in NYC on the Rise - There have been nearly a hundred attacks on gays in New York City this summer - with the two most recent over the weekend.  In June and July alone there were 85 violent hate crimes against NYC gays and the number has been rising almost daily in August. (via 365gay.com)

Aug 03, 2005

As Seen On TV

Milfs Ever wonder where those lesbionic reality two-some, Veronica and Rachel get their "I Love Pussy" and "Future Milf" shirts from? 

Well, as TVGasm points out these two are not only mean and nasty bitches on television, they're also pretty creative and surprisingly some-what entrepreneurial.  Collegedropout.com is the site where you can snag some of those nifty lesbian chic tees they are always wearing.  If that's not enough, MTV is preparing to launch a new television show filming the two running their business and searching for a third Future M.I.L.F for their menage a trois of sorts.  Think MTV's lesbian and bitchy version of The Apprentice. (via TVGasm)

Jul 27, 2005

Queer Eye Casting Call


Calling all Twinks, Banjy Boy or Latin Flavas, Chelsea Boys, Bears, East Village Rockers, Leather Clads, Musical Theater Gays and Hamptons Guppies - here is your chance!!  Queer Eye is having a casting call for their upcoming dating show in NYC!  Please read the release below. 

(Do not contact this site for more info - we do not have any affiliation with the show).


Emmy Award winning reality show QUEER EYE casting gay men!!

We are casting an episode of our show about gay dating in New York City.

We are looking for good-looking single gay guys of all types to appear
on our show.

You'll get the chance to be on a hit reality show and come to a swanky

You'll be rubbing elbows with some of NYC's hottest gay men and THE FAB

PLEASE keep in mind:

1) This is the chance of a lifetime.

2) You will be amongst big wig hot gay guys at a swanky party for free!!

3) We want gay guys of specific "types" to appear.

If you or someone you know is SIMILAR to ANY of these types please email

* Twink
* Banjy Boy or Latin Flava
* Chelsea Boy
* Bear
* East Village Rocker
* Leather Clad
* Musical Theater Gay
* Hamptons Gay or Guppy


212-500-6327 or nford@thequeereye.com

Something Wicked This Way Comes


The forgetful sometimes don't like to be forgotten.  In the 20 years of knowing him and many parties together, James St. James gets a birthday first from the Party Monster himself, Michael Alig.  A card from the slammer.  St. James wonders, "if nine years in the big house has changed him."

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Jul 25, 2005

Vintage Lady

The_lady Author and entertainer, The Lady Chablis, made famous by the best selling book, Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil, had her show cancelled at a Sun City Hilton Head adult community without notifying her.  Officials at the community cited the reason for pulling the plug on the performance by the drag queen as "not suitable for the community".

Many of the residents, however, disagree and have started a petition to let The Lady perform.  Of those signing, most are ticket holders but there are some who didn't, and they say they would sign the petition in an effort to get The Lady Chablis to Sun City. At the very least, "the administration should know what we think."

"I'm 85 years old," resident Dorothy Ely said. "Don't start censoring me now."

Resident James Vivian said he didn't like people making for decisions for him. "I gave that up when I was 18," Vivian said.

The Lady Chablis, upon learning that they made the decision without seeing the show said, "You wouldn't go to Saks 5th Avenue and buy a dress if you hadn't tried it on." (via queerday)

Jul 21, 2005

Gay Icons


A new exhibition at London's Getty Images Gallery captures figures who have attained iconic status within the gay community.  Among those featured are Marilyn Monroe, Oscar Wilde, David Beckham and late Queen star Freddie Mercury. 

Icons of the Gay Community runs from 21 July to 6 August and contains over fifty revealing images in black and white and colour. via BBCnews

Jul 17, 2005

  • Nureyev_1 Ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, who was gay and eventually died from an AIDS related illness in 1993, is said to have had a secret affair with his dancing partner Margot Fonteyn, which led to a miscarried pregnancy.  Royal Ballet dancer and friend AVRIL BERGEN makes the shocking claims in an interview a British TV programme which will be broadcast next month in the UK.

  • A Canadian cardinal who had been considered a possible successor to Pope John Paul says that the children of married gay couples cannot be baptized in the Catholic Church.  "If I take the example of the ceremony of baptism, according to our canon law, we cannot accept the signatures of two fathers or two mothers as parents of an infant," Cardinal Ouellet told a Senate committee.

Jul 12, 2005

Another Boycott


The AFA, notorious for boycotting any corporation that supports LGTB issues, has not turned their attention on Nike due to its announcement last month that it was supporting a bill in the state legislature to allow civil unions.

An email alert was sent out Monday to thousands of AFA members.  Its retoric included this little paragraph:

"Homosexual activists are working to get other corporations to follow the lead of Nike. Many corporations are already donating large sums to homosexual organizations to support their agenda. Sending a message to Nike will send a message to those corporations poised to support homosexual unions."

Nike is believed to be the first corporation to publicly support gay unions.

I'll be on my way to buy another pair of Nike shoes this afternoon. (via 365gay.com)

Jul 08, 2005


  • Although said to be a complicated process, Canada's Prince Edward Island will follow the federal lead and legalize gay marriage.

  • "Black Looks, the Musings and Rants of an African Fem" - A Nigerian blogger gives a voice to African gays and lesbians struggling in a homophobic society.

Jul 06, 2005

  • Jim Verraros (American Idol Season One) reveals to TV Guide that he's not the only gay contestant that was on the show.  He's just the only out one. via realityblurred

Olympic Cheers


As sad as I am that the Olympics are not coming to NYC, I am equally as thrilled that London is the winning city.  They surely deserve it.  Our British LGBT counterparts also see this as a welcomed opportunity for the gay community. 

Ivan Bussens, the LGBT ambassador for the 2012 bid said the win was vital for bringing people together.  "The Olympics are a unique opportunity for the country and all communities in the capital. In the spirit of the Olympic movement, our win brings people together in friendship and will also inspire people for generations to come," he told Gay.com UK.

Jun 30, 2005

LOGO Launches


In NYC - Time Warner Channel 155 starting at 9:00pm

Gay rumors have always hounded Mr. Cruise.  But have you heard the latest one that involves Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20?  Jossip has all the gossip!

Jun 28, 2005



Are Queer Eye's Jai Rodriguez and The Restaurant's Rocco Dispirito together?  Initial reports from Gawker and now Reality Blurred are fanning the flames...of love.

Jun 27, 2005

In case you missed it...


Richard at Proceed At Your Own Risk has all the photos and a nice commentary on yesterday's Pride Parade

Jun 24, 2005

  • Atlanta landmark disco, Backstreet,will fall victim to a wrecking ball to make room for condos.

Jun 20, 2005

Broadway Bares

Broadway_bares_2 To kick off Pride week, we thought that it would be fitting to attend one of the best benefit concerts there are, Broadway Bares!

If you've never attended the show, then you are truly missing out on some of the best entertainment (and nudity) this side of Vegas all performed by the chorus kids of most of the major musicals/plays. Its also a good cause.  Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids puts on this little show every year with proceeds going to fight the disease, for prevention and also research. 

With Tony Award winning choreographer Jerry Mitchell at the helm every year, the show offers a burlesque style variety show sprinkled with tits, ass, and (if you're lucky), sometimes penis.  This year show included sketches with stars like Christina Applegate, Tim Curry, David Hyde Pierce, little Dr. Ruth, Bruce Vilanch, and Shoshana Bean of Wicked. 

We managed to snag tickets to the 9:30 show Sunday which was held at Roseland Ballroom and were treated to a night filled with sexy dance numbers, funny sketches, and as usual... lotsa tits, lotsa ass, and one penis!  Gaiety who?


Man Akin

Mannequins                              (shot at Bloomies Soho)

Pride Week has begun, the city is buzzing, there are new faces all around and even the male mannequins have taken a liking to each other.  I love NYC!

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Jun 13, 2005

Guantanamo Gay

Zach A 16 year old gay blogger named Zach who came out to his family recently has been sent to an ex gay live-in program (or brainwashing camp, as I call it) in order to eradicate his homosexuality.  A nightmare.  Poor Zach has been logging his daily experiences in this prison on his blog and on May 30th Zach posted the programs heinous rules and regulations that seem to do everything that it can to erase a person's sense of being and self worth.  Is this what family values is all about?  The parents need to be institutionalized, not the child.

Zach's confinement has incited many protests, including one by a group called Queer Action Coalition that fights homophobia via its blog and is reporting on the daily protests at the facility.  Good luck Zach! (via Queerday.com)

Jun 10, 2005

Pride - A Deeper Love


Happy Pride Month everyone!  Sorry we're so late in acknowledging my favorite time of the year!  Here's the lowdown on Pride.

  • New York City - Don't know what's happening here for pride?  Check out the schedule at Heritage of Pride and get informed!

  • Los Angeles - Party girl Paris and mama Kathy Hilton will be a grand marshals for the annual gay pride parade which is one of L.A.s biggest celebrations.

  • Texas - Houston has their parade June 25th and Austin just celebrated theirs this past weekend.  Yeehaw!

  • Spain - We fell in love with this incredible country and so will you if when visit Madrid or Barcelona during Pride.

If you're interested in finding a Pride celebration near your hometown, check out Digital Queeries

Best Gay Blogs

BestgayblogsBest Gay Blogs gave NYBboys a nice nod today by posting our website on theirs!  The title reads "Hottest Blog Photo: New York City Boys"

We are very honored and dig that you think we're "hot, sexy, and fun".  We're blushing!

Thanks for the recognition!

Jun 07, 2005

Play, Stop, Rewind

We're back from Gay Disney & still reeling from the fun, fun, fun that we had.  We ran into many of our favorite bloggers (who will remain nameless).  It was nice to finally match a face to a name, or in this case a blog. 

For those that didn't go, here are the songs that lit the dance floor on fire this weekend.  Learn them, live them, love them!

  • Debby Holiday - Dive (Chris Cox Club Anthem) - Typical anthem with all the right ups and and bangin' vocals. Itunes_5

  • Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (Dance Mix) - Fierce Gwen goes BA-NAN-AS in this re-worked tune (only radio edit available on iTunes).  Itunes_4

  • Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha (Ralphi's Hot Freak 12" Vox Mix) - Truly the dance song of the weekend.  It was heard throughout the parties and the boys were humming it on the plane ride back (no remix on iTunes, but you'll do right by finding this dance mix). Itunes_4

May 31, 2005

A drag queen in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil turns out a fierce Gay Pride attracting 1.8 million revellers.  via BBCnews.com

May 23, 2005

I lived in Orlando during my teen and early tween years, so this hit close to home...

  • Details of the disappearance and murder of two Tampa gays finally emerge after leaving community on edge and the police baffled for more than a year.  via abcactionnews.com]

        Watch related video here.

May 19, 2005

Lit Lite


"When Bad Books Happen to Good People" should be the other title to this weekly literary series where New York performers are invited to select and read from their favorite bad books. And it's open season on anyone who's written a bad book or blog for that matter.  Earlier this month, in keeping with the theme "Women's Problems," performers read excerpts from Rosie O'Donnell's free-verse poetry blog.

Flo_1 Flotilla DeBarge, everyone's favorite Star Jones clone was originally going to read "Swan", Naomi Campbell's book. But at the last minute they deciced Miss Campbell's book was not compelling enough so they opted for much "lighter" reading like "Uncle Tom's Cabin".  Miss DeBarge turns it out, reading the verse a-la Scarlett O'Hara.  Other noted authors are Ethan Hawke & Yvonne De Carlo, who played Lily Munster in the tv series,"The Munsters.

Next weeks book choice?  An Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. via the NYtimes

Lit Lite readings are usually staged at Elmo, but venues sometimes change so call ahead.

May 18, 2005


Ryan_s Although the rumor mill has been churning this one out for a while, Queerday points to a Datalounge thread that has a posters weigh in on Ryan's very personal life.  The thread even includes a poster claiming Seacrest has had a few lovers, still others observe that perhaps Clay Aiken didn't respond to his advances and that's why they had a falling out.  Apparently, alot of this was sparked by Ryan deflecting Bo Bice's hand when he tried to put it around him a few weeks ago.  Hmmn...

There's also a Reality Blurred post from 2002 focusing on a TVGuide interview in which Ryan states that he's not gay.  Methinks thou dost protest too much!

May 17, 2005

Church Of the Poison Mind

Boy2_3 Miss George is in need of attention again!  This time he's dishing to a reporter about how he thinks David Geffen is a transexual and commenting about Hugh Jackman being gay.  "And you know who else? Hugh Jackman is so gay. I just saw him at a benefit the night before the Tony's and I saw him holding hands and kissing his lover! The nerve to go onstage during the awards to say he is not," as he raised an eyebrow, lit a cigarette, and proceeded to go for a bathroom break-a break that took about 10 minutes, with his whole posse." Oh Boy.

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May 12, 2005

May 10, 2005

May 09, 2005

David Barton Jizz


Although I don't go to Dolly Parton, uh I mean David Barton Gym on 23rd Street, I always hear steamy stories about what goes on in the locker rooms and especially in the sauna of the gym.  The sex isn't as surprising to me as how long it took for a lawsuit to come out of it.  I wonder however, is the plaintiff that shocked and appalled about what he saw?  Is he new to the city?  Didn't he sort of assume that perhaps there would be deviant behavior at a gym in gay ole Chelsea?  And it's not as if this a new thing.  I've been hearing these dirty tales coming out of DBG for years!  Even so, whether it's DBG or any other gym for that matter, isn't it safe to assume that lookie-loos and some sex are bound to happen?  The lesson here is: If you're shy, change at home, and where sandals in the steam room.  via Steve Gilliard

Related: Thoughtnot provides a line up of possible "leerers" for the case.

May 07, 2005

Lady Bunny Blogs In


The Lady Bunny, New York's foremost authority on rocks, cocks, and girls in frocks, has entered the blogosphere.  The Bunny Blog features ridiculous infomercials, weighs in on the new pope, porn food, and puffed up frogs.  She even gives us some insight on our favorite drag mamas.  Check out this one of a kind NY staple and founder of Wigstock takes a stab at the funtastic world of blogging.

May 06, 2005

Only In Miami

Taffylynn_1 Miami's renaissance certainly began in the early 90s.  Those were certainly some of the best times that I had as a gay twenty year old.  Gianni Versace was still alive, Paragon and Warsaw were the clubs to be seen at.  SoBe was young, still edgy and the drag queens ruled the world.  That's how Robert Desiderio saw it when he put drag queen Shelley Novak in a dress.

These days Desiderio, is now conjuring up the days of ole in his new exhibit at the Miami Beach Cinemateque called "The Lost and Found Years".  The photos, mainly taken during 1994, focus on the legion of offbeat drag queens who defined nightlife at the time, jostling for attention with the visiting Hollywood stars, New York hipsters, European playboys, and Eastern bloc runway walkers who were all putting South Beach on the international map.  Ahh the good ole days. 


Continuing on with our Miami Beach theme, please welcome NYCBoys new blog mate Spilling Seeds!  "The life of a Miami guy who happens to love men", this eye opening blog offers up some tasty photos of the Miami boys, posts on his Miami life, and the dirty South Beach we remember.  Welcome.

May 03, 2005

Peter "rent boy" Dougherty

Kate Moss' boyfriend Peter Dougherty of the Brit band Babyshambles admited in his new book that he likes his "bread buttered" both ways and that he was at one time a rent boy.  His ex lover also chimes in saying that she once caught him in the shower "delicately soaping a naked man".  via queerday.com 

Apr 21, 2005


Since we'll be leaving for our Spain trip tomorrow, I figured this was an appropriate post. 

Apr 20, 2005


She's A Lady!

Mel_c Ex Spice Girl Melanie C, now working smaller venues in the UK, sees herself as a "lesbian Tom Jones"  because of the fact that panties are constantly being thrown on stage to her.  Considered the best voice of the group, she now has a new album out and is set for a comeback. via icliverpool.com 

Apr 19, 2005

New Pope, Little Hope

Pope Benedict XVI waves from a balcony of St. Peter's Basilica

New Pope Defends Violence Against Gays - "It is deplorable that homosexual persons have been and are the object of violent malice in speech or in action. Such treatment deserves condemnation from the church’s pastors wherever it occurs. It reveals a kind of disregard for others which endangers the most fundamental principles of a healthy society. The intrinsic dignity of each person must always be respected in word, in action and in law."

"But the proper reaction to crimes committed against homosexual persons should not be to claim that the homosexual condition is not disordered. When such a claim is made and when homosexual activity is consequently condoned, or when civil legislation is introduced to protect behavior to which no one has any conceivable right, neither the church nor society at large should be surprised when other distorted notions and practices gain ground, and irrational and violent reactions increase". via americablog.com

Apr 18, 2005

West Village Beach


The scene yesterday at the West Village Piers.

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Apr 15, 2005

For Gays Buy Gays

Kyan Kyan Douglas leads the pack of new gay spokespersons directed at the gay market that includes products from L'Oreal, Gillette and SC Johnson. 

"The gay market is very important to L¹Oreal and our success with gay men is a key priority for us," says Rob Robillard, Senior Vice President of Marketing for L'Oreal Paris. "Gay men have been involved in our testing every step of the way on everything from product concepts to package design to advertising. Directionally, our research showed that gay men are more category-involved than straight men."  via gaybusinessworld.com

Other spokespersons include Ellen Degeneres.

Related:  Commercialcloset.org features ambiguosly gay commercials.

Apr 14, 2005

  • Oregon Supreme Court takes a few steps backwards with regards to gay marriage. 

  • We at NYCBoys simply do not get this article regarding missing license plates on gay Russian drivers and what it may have to do with "criminal activities".  File under WTF.

  • A Senator from Minnesota and a mayor from Kansas both come out.

  • Becks flattered at gay icon status, says wife Posh. 

Apr 13, 2005

Day Of Silence

Gay_pride_flag_1 Taking advantage of today's  pro-gay "Day of Silence" Illinois Family Institute has invited students to hear Stephen Bennett, a so called "former homosexual" speak on how homosexuality is curable.  A topic of fiction, no doubt.

  • Who is Stephen Bennett?  Google his name and you'll realize that there are several religious right wing sites promoting the "recovered sinner".  Mr. Bennett intertwines the fact that he was a cocaine addict and drug dealer with his homosexuality.  He in fact blames his drugs habit and debouchery on homosexuality and vice versa.  Reading on it is my opinion that this person was self loathing and as he put it himself, a lost soul.

Apr 12, 2005

  • Gavin Rossdale of Bush (and Gwen Stefani's husband) finally responds to Boy George's accusations that he used to date transvestite and 80's one hit wonder Marilyn.  (See piture below of Gavin and Marilyn in the 80s. Gavin was 16 then)


  • Page Six weighs in on K.D. Lang's constant cravings.

  • Self loathing GOP advisor who had earlier revealed he "married" his long-time male partner linked to the "Stop Hillary" smear campaign.  Bill Clinton comes to wife's defense. 

Apr 08, 2005

Seancody at XL

Sean Cody at XL

Check out my boy at Queerclick for all the juicy details!  This is a must!

Tatum's Night Out

ONeal Tatum - Photo XXL - Tatum ONeal and Kristy MacNicol

A socially lubricated Tatum O'Neal was spotted at Pop Burger in the Meatpacking District around midnight last night, where she proceeded to spill her drinks on other patrons and engage in a "lesbian view for all" with a pretty blond woman she spotted smoking outside.  The two were seen making out and groping each other like no body's business!  They were so entangled that they had to be told to stop, several times by their waiter.  They left together.  Hmmn...we've all had those nights haven't we. 

Tatum sweetie, make sure you get the girl's name before you kick her out of bed this morning.  And, don't call her for a few days.  via queerday.com

Apr 07, 2005

Puna Boys

PhotographerPuna_boys David Aden Sprigle, originally from Southern California, now living in Hawaii, captures in his new book, Tai Sun and Rich, two young surfers (the subjects of the book's title) who he met one day on Kehena Beach in Puna Hawaii. The book's homoeroticism looks completely natural almost as if the boys never realized they were being photographed. 

Apr 06, 2005

  • Blow Blokes - A member of the Scottish Parliament has been caught by Parliament Building's security cameras getting oral sex from one of his male staff.  The Parliament member is straight and in a relationship with a woman.  via rainbownetwork.com

Apr 05, 2005

Tom Of Finland

Toff_1 Tom of Finland known to many gays as the master of erotic masculine works will have his art displayed at Art At Large here in NYC this month.  Tom's work embodies the allure of cruising, and anonymous sex between men, in the 50s 60s and 70s. These so called "dirty pictures" are considered by many to be the first depictions of gay pornographic sex.  Tom (his real name is Touko Laaksonen) was born on 8 May 1920 and died of an emphysema induced stroke in 1991.

Tom Of Finland at Art At Large - April 7th until April 23rd.

More art work after the jump.

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Apr 04, 2005

  • Gays Among Targets - A New Jersey boy who was planning a Columbine style massacre at Fair Lawn High School aimed the hatred posted on his website towards gays, among others. via queerday.com

Apr 02, 2005

Brotherly Love

Phillygay_2 I don't know how old this commercial is, but I recently caught it while catching up on some Bravo shows.  The commercial for the Philadelphia Tourism, pictures a man in revolutionary garb waiting for his "beloved".  There is nothing gay about the piece until the end, when you realize that the person he is waiting for is another man.  Cheeky, but cute.

Apr 01, 2005

Mar 31, 2005

  • Global Pro Gay Day Proposed - Submitted by writer Louis-Georges Tin, the proposal would see May 17 , the day the World Health Org. removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders, celebrated annually as an attempt to gain international recognition of LGBT people with hopes that the day will help push change forward for those who need it most. via gay.com

  • Rare Gay Disease Strikes UK - The disease, lymphogranuloma venereum, is a bacterial infection caused by a particularly aggressive strain of Chlamydia trachomatis.  It was considered relatively rare until 2003 when some 100 cases were reported in gay men in Rotterdam, according to the journal. via reuters.com

Mighty Real

Glamorous Life - Sylvester In his new biography of the man, "The Fabulous Sylvester: The Legend, The Music, The Seventies In San Francisco"author Joshua Gamson carefully paints the shifting social tapestry into his subject's life story without ever taking Sylvester out of the foreground. The sociology instead only serves as a rich, poignant backdrop for a wonderfully human story about a young man who dreamed big and lived as large as he dreamed. via sfgate.com

You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (Sylvester Cover) - Byron Stingily


Mar 29, 2005

  • Homophobic White Supremist Runs for School Board - Hypocracy at its best.  White supremist, Kevin McGuire is affiliated with the National Alliance, a group described as extremist. The Montana Human Rights network says the group is one of the largest and most influential hate groups in the country.  McGuire has now qualified to run as a candidate for the nine-member Bozeman School Board in Montana. via 365gay.com

Mar 28, 2005

Missy's Misunderstood

Missy_1 Missy Gay Rumors Misunderstood - According to Shock Rock Gossip DJ Wendy Williams, Missy and Eva Pigford of Top Model fame are "workin' it". via contactmusic.com

Homophobia Red Alert

  • Watchman Media Launches "Gay Is Not Normal" Campaign - “I believe the general public needs to know the detriment of homosexuality. Children are being steered wrong and adults need the guidance absent fathers didn’t provide. It is our mission to combat the rise of this human detriment, because if we continue on this same increasing scale, we will have more financial burdens, more misguided homes, higher crime rates, and an increase in biblical punishment”, says Watchman Media, Chief Financial Officer Letishia Wannamaker. via xtvworld.com

To comment on this campaign, please visit Watchman Media online or call John Wannamaker /CEO of Watchman Media at 1-877-570-9301.

Alicia's Outie!

Leather_alicia_3 She's outie - Sort of.  Well not really.  But this is what she said about a certain female celeb she recently co-starred with.  "I can daydream looking at her I think she's so beautiful. I want to cuddle her."via The Sun

Mar 25, 2005

Reynold's Rap


A Star Is Bombed - This week's HX has a hilarious down and dirty interview with everyone's favorite Payless Shoe hooker hocker.  Well, sort of.  It's truly a mock-interview, held at Splash bar no less. 


Q: So you don’t think it’s wrong to kill animals purely for fashion?

A: It’s wrong not to kill animals. That’s part of God’s plan. He wants me to look gorgeous. If He didn’t, He wouldn’t have saved me from the tsunami. Animals are here for us to use as we need. Run your skin across a luxurious fur and you’ll understand. Not only does fur look fabulous, it feels fabulous. I love it so much, I’m designing an entire line of fur products.

Q: Can you give us some details?

A: I don’t see why anything that I have to touch couldn’t be lined with fur. Like pillows and sheets. Cell phones. Steak knives. My chair on The View. The microphone I use on the red carpet. I’m sure everyone would want me to feel comfortable and look good. Oh, and Kentucky Fried Chicken is working on a fur-lined bucket.

Q: A fur-lined bucket of chicken? That sounds messy.

A: Don’t be an idiot. The fur goes on the outside, of course. I’m going to call the entire line “Look Like a Star.” Martha Stewart had the great idea to make her products available to the masses. So my line will be sold at Wal-Mart. They sell guns, so their shoppers understand that animals should be shot. By the way, I need another cocktail.

If you haven't picked up a copy yet.  Pick one up today!

Crazy, Sexy, Cool


THE DIRTY SEX SHOW, a multi-media exhibition containing photographs, videos and props from the HX "Dirty Sex", "Watched" and "Los secretos eroticos de la lucha libre" Black Party photo shoots as well as posters and objects from The 2005 Saint At Large Black Party.

All art, DVDS and objects are for sale to benefit GMHC, HIV Forum NYC, Stonewall Community Foundation and Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation.

Meet the artists Jeff Eason, Aron Norman, Michael Alago, Jonathan Lees and Jon Nothin, and the models at the opening reception on Friday, March 25 from 6 to 9pm.


Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation Gallery

127-B Prince Street, 212-673-7007

*Exhibit will continue on Saturday, March 26 from 1 to 6pm.

Mar 22, 2005

  • Santa Fe Gays Weary After Hate Crime Attack - Second only to San Francisco in the percentage of same-sex households, Santa Fe, population 62,000, promotes itself as a vacation spot for gays, and a pride celebration fills the Spanish-style plaza each summer. A retirement village to open next year trumpets itself as the only such place in the nation catering mainly to gay retirees. via abcnews.com

The most interesting and disturbing part of this story is that among the assailants who attacked James Mateas and his companion, was a 17 year old on probation for raping a 4 year old boy.  Where is the outrage and disgust there?

Mar 21, 2005

  • DC Gay Leader Remembered - Hundreds of people filled a Unitarian Church in Northwest Washington on Monday for the funeral of Wanda Alston who was murdered in her home last week. 

    Her partner and most members of Williams' cabinet sat in pews along with leaders of the Human Rights Campaign, National Stonewall Democrats, and the National Organization of Women.  Alston had worked at all three.

          Related - Gay Liasion To DC Mayor Murdered

Mar 17, 2005

  • Gay Liason To D.C. Mayor Found Murdered - Wanda R. Alston was a longtime activist. She had served as co-chair of the DC Coalition of Black Lesbians, Gay Men & Bisexuals. She also worked at the Human Rights Campaign as an events manager and later went on to establish a political consulting firm, Alston Consulting Services, Inc. Via 365gay.com 

Mar 16, 2005


Gay Jews Remembered in New Israeli Holocaust Museum - "Jews indeed were not the only victims of the Nazi regime, but they were the only group that it aspired to completely wipe out. It is clear that in dealing with the Holocaust we also touch on its contexts and related areas, among them the subject of other victims of the regime. Accordingly, the new museum will present the subject of other victims, including homosexual victims, of the Nazi regime, in a relevant place." via 365gay.com

Please visit the Yad Vashem Museum website.

Mar 15, 2005

Gay Pride on Phuket Lives On!


Phuket Pride Still Strong - Tsunami ravaged Patong Beach is lively once again with umbrellas lined on the beach and with the return of tourists.  You might never know that only a few months earlier it had been hit by one of the worst tidal waves in history. 

To call the people of Thailand resiliant would be an understatement.  Among some of the things returning to this island, is its annual Phuket Gay Festival that was postponed in the aftermath of the killer tsunami. It's now scheduled for April 7 - 10. via 365gay.com


Mar 14, 2005


California Ban on gay Marriage Killed - ''It appears that no rational purpose exists for limiting marriage in this state to opposite-sex partners." via aolnews.com

Boy George's Mistake No. 2


Boy George is at it again.  This time he takes aim at her highness Sir Elton, calling him a "humourless dame".  George recently snarled at Madonna for her "exploitation of the gay community".  via digitalspy

Mar 11, 2005


Mar 10, 2005

Reichen Lehmkuhl Dropped Cuz "He's Gay"


Martina Says Nix the Card


Martina Navratilova sues Credit Card Co. - Martina Navratilova is suing the sponsor of a credit card directly marketed to gays and lesbians, saying it uses her name and likeness after her request last month to stop.

Mar 07, 2005

Buenos Aires: Gay Mecca


As Argentina recovers from an economic crisis and the leisure industry revives, Buenos Aires is cultivating its image as a Latin American rebel that embraces the social values of Europe more than macho culture and Roman Catholic doctrine.  via reuters.

Mar 04, 2005


For those out-of-towners still not sure if you are coming in two weeks, here is some info to help you ease the decision making.

Alegria Xtreme

Alegria_xtreme_1 click to enlarge

The Black Party 2005 - Lucha Libre

Black_party_2005_1 click to enlarge

Click here for tickets to the Black Party 2005.


Mar 02, 2005

NFL Says "GAY" is A-OK

Gay In relation to a previously posted item on Towleroad from an original report by Outsports, the NFL has reversed it's decision to include the word GAY as part of its"naughty word" list at the NFL online store, meaning that gay could now be allowed on the back of personalized Jerseys. 

See here the other words Outsports compiled still not allowed.  So naughty!

Winter Party 2005

It Starts Today
Join 10,000 of your closest friends in South Beach for one of the best parties of the year.  Sun, fun, and lots of music
Winter Party March 2 - 7, 2005

Feb 18, 2005

Alegria - Tribal

This weekend...

Alegria_2 click to enlarge

Please go to Alegriaevents for more information.

Feb 16, 2005

  • Don't Say Gay If You Want Them To Pay - A federal agency's efforts to remove the words "gay," "lesbian," "bisexual" and "transgender" from the program of a federally funded conference on suicide prevention have inspired scores of experts in mental health to flood the agency with angry e-mails. via washingtonpost.com.

Pier 54 and the Pier Dance

Pier_54_01 photo courtesy of Wired New York

We passed by the old pier the other night on our way home from the gym and this is what we saw.  We wondered, "Where is this year's Pier Dance gonna go"? 

Hudson River Park is hosting the Ashes and Snow this coming spring (March 5 through June 6). An exhibit featuring more than 200 large-scale photographic works and an accompanying 35mm film by artist Gregory Colbert.

Architect Shigeru Ban designed the first-ever Nomadic Museum that will house Ashes and Snow. This 45,000-square-foot temporary structure, composed largely of recyclable and reusable materials (used shipping containers for the walls and paper tubing for the roof and columns), will provide a stable and movable environmnent as it travels across the country. 

The Pier Dance, if you were wondering, is not until June 26th.

Feb 09, 2005

LOGO Casting Call


Casting gay singles, couples, and their friends for the all-expense- paid trip of a lifetime!
Bunim-Murray Productions, creators of MTV's The Real World and Fox's The Simple Life are teaming up with LOGO, the world's first gay network, to present The Cruise. Taking place aboard a luxury cruise ship, The Cruise, promises fun, sun, and romance for all those aboard.
Here's what they are looking for...
They would like to meet all types of gay singles, couples, and their friends, but are especially interested in the following:
  • Couples trying to rekindle a romance in trouble.
  • Couples wishing to stage a marriage or commitment ceremony, or celebrate an anniversary.
  • Couples having their parents "meet the partner" for the first time.
  • A "June/December" romance.
  • Singles who are newly "out" and looking to explore the scene for the first time.
  • Friends with a secret (or not-so-secret) crush on each other.
  • And remember, your straight friends are also welcome to apply!
  • You must be 18 to apply.
Saturday, February 12th 10:00am - 5:30pm
The LGTB Community Center
208 West 13th Street New York NY 10011
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