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Give A Little!

Jan 25, 2006

Cielo 1.29.06

It's Josh Wood's birthday.  Be there kids!


Master Class: Junior Vasquez
at Cielo
Sunday, January 29th
It's my Birthday Party.   
To celebrate, Junior Vasquez Music and Josh Wood
will donate a portion of the door proceeds to
The Stonewall Community Foundation.
Junior spins from 8pm to 2am. 
Please arrive early.
Cielo, 18 Little West 12th Street. 

Jan 20, 2006

Love Ball 1.28.06


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Jan 18, 2006

Peter Berlin


Nov 28, 2005


Listen up all you Junior V. fans...


Oct 26, 2005

Andy Bell for Halloween


Oct 25, 2005

So Close

Roxy_madonna_matty (click to enlarge)

We came, we saw her, she danced.  We came again.  Matty, me and Madge.  Thanks to Louis for the photo.

Oct 23, 2005

Material Dancer


Time went by....so slowly last night waiting for her.  But around 2am she hit the stage and charmed us into a dance.  A dance that lasted at least 25 minutes.  It was Amazing.

Check out the Roxy photos at Madonnalicious and Drowned Madonna.

I was front & center and had my trusty cam-phone with me so I took a few, but they are not as clear.  I'll post them soon.

Oct 17, 2005

Foxy Roxy

Roxy_madge_2We don't know what to believe, and the denials made us a bit suspicious.  Then we see this.

The Peter Rauhofer Returns 2 Roxy flier also looks suspiciously like the Confessions' cover.  Coincidence?  Hmmn...

Can you say....hook, line and sinker?   See you there.

(via MadeinBrazil)

Oct 13, 2005

Rumor Patrol

So, this is the email NYCBoys received from J. Blair and the Roxy folks.  So, calm the hell down!  She ain't coming!


Oct 07, 2005

Black & Blue

Yes, we're going.  How could we pass it up?  It's the BBMC's Fifteenth anniversary and they are celebrating by bringing back the main event into the center field of the Olympic Stadium.  We are so there. 


Sep 21, 2005

Alegria Halloween


Start putting together your costumes kids!  Alegria Halloween hits the Big Apple on Sunday October 30.  Plan accordingly.

Sep 15, 2005

Duvet Tonight

The THIN & RICH Party

In honor of Fashion Week and the launch of Useless Magazine’s “Thin and Rich” issue, Distortion Disko is calling all Thin & Rich New Yorkers to Duvet.**

Thursday, September 15


Live Performance: CANTANKEROUS

Duvet is located 45 West 21st Street.

Tell Gio that you're on Josh Wood's list for free entry before midnite.

Only the Thin & Rich will be admitted...

*This party is parody of fashion week and we hope not offend individuals harmed by Hurricaine Katrina. If you wish to donate to help hurricaine victims, please visit www.redcross.org or www.habitatforhumanity.org.

Contact Information ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sep 09, 2005

A Night Out

Don't forget tonight is A Night Out At Six Flags...


Click on the image it will take you to the Twistedlife site more info on this fun event.  Scream like a girl on the rollercoasters!  I dare you.

Aug 10, 2005

Great Scott


I love NYC nightlife.  It's edgy and hard and fabulous and some of the best DJs come from NYC.  One of those is DJ Scotty Thomson.  Scotty is fierce and when you visit NYC you can hear him play live at XL and at Spirit on Sundays. 

For those not from these parts, you can still check him out by visiting his website.  I was totally unaware of this cool site until a friend turned me onto it (thanks Donn!!).  Click on the music player that lets you hear Scotty's latest set in full!  If you still want more, you can register and download in full some of his high quality sets for your ipod.  That's hot!

Jul 28, 2005

Duvet Tonight


There will be merriment this Thursday at Distortion Disko. Come celebrate MIRANDA MOONDUST's birthday and bid farewell to CLAY MILLS before he leaves for the UK.

Music by LARRY TEE and live performances by DUKE and XAVIER J.


Jul 27, 2005

Something Wicked This Way Comes


The forgetful sometimes don't like to be forgotten.  In the 20 years of knowing him and many parties together, James St. James gets a birthday first from the Party Monster himself, Michael Alig.  A card from the slammer.  St. James wonders, "if nine years in the big house has changed him."

Related: Unholy Spirit

Jul 26, 2005



Jul 14, 2005



Unholy Spirit


The nightclub formerly known as Limelight is once again shutting its doors. The deconsecrated Episcopalian church on West 20th Street, most recently known as Avalon, will close July 24. Co-owner John Blair is jumping ship to rival megaclub Spirit, while his partners Steve Adelman and John Lyons plan to re-open the space as a concert venue in the fall.
Limelight hosted some of clubland's greatest excesses in the go-go '80s and early '90s with club-kid turned killer, Michael Alig and eye-patched club king Peter Gatien. The unholy haunt was closed from 1994-'96 and was shuttered again in 2002. It re-opened in November of that year as short-lived Estate, then re-opened as Avalon three months later.
  • In related news, club-kid killer Michael Alig, of Party Monster fame is said to be released from the big house on the 24th (same night as the club's closing).  Interesting coincidence or cosmic karma? 

Jul 08, 2005

SPIRIT - Saturdays


Jul 06, 2005

QUO - Pretty Academy


Jun 30, 2005


Between the sheets at Duvet.


Top Diva


Jun 16, 2005

Alegria Pride


Tickets are going fast kids!  There are on 20% of the tickets available and the VIP tickets have been sold out.  Go to Alegria Events for more info and to get yours!

Jun 14, 2005



Jun 07, 2005

Play, Stop, Rewind

We're back from Gay Disney & still reeling from the fun, fun, fun that we had.  We ran into many of our favorite bloggers (who will remain nameless).  It was nice to finally match a face to a name, or in this case a blog. 

For those that didn't go, here are the songs that lit the dance floor on fire this weekend.  Learn them, live them, love them!

  • Debby Holiday - Dive (Chris Cox Club Anthem) - Typical anthem with all the right ups and and bangin' vocals. Itunes_5

  • Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (Dance Mix) - Fierce Gwen goes BA-NAN-AS in this re-worked tune (only radio edit available on iTunes).  Itunes_4

  • Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha (Ralphi's Hot Freak 12" Vox Mix) - Truly the dance song of the weekend.  It was heard throughout the parties and the boys were humming it on the plane ride back (no remix on iTunes, but you'll do right by finding this dance mix). Itunes_4

Jun 01, 2005



May 25, 2005

DUVET - This Thursday

Here is your weekly reminder, kids! 


Last Thursday's event was a spectacle!  The Who's Who were all present and accounted for and a night of debauchery ensued.  Mr. Tratner sure knows how to throw a party!

May 18, 2005

DUVET - Thursdays


May 13, 2005

Alegria Memorial Day

Here is an advance reminder for those out of town boys.  Remember, Alegria Memorial Day is just two weeks away.


May 12, 2005


May 10, 2005

DUVET - This Thursday

Duvet is turning out to be the motha of all gay fashion lounges according to our very special roving reporter who was in attendance last week and said the place was a "sea of hotties".  You're invited, so go there!


May 05, 2005

DUVET - Thursdays

It's Thursday again boys which means its Duvet time again!  Join my friend Matt Tratner at the fiercest motha lounge around...Say his name at the door and get in fo' free!


Apr 28, 2005

GenNext 2005 Spring Benefit


If we weren´t in Barcelona, we would attend this benefit , so instead...please join my friend Matt K. this Friday in attending one of New York's best husband hunting parties of the year profiting this very worthy cause:

WhatThe 10th Annual Generation Next Spring Benefit

Where: The Waterfront Bldg - 27th Street 6 11th Avenue

Who:  You, 2000 other guys and DJ John John (Hiro)

When: This Friday, April 29,  9pm to 2am

How much:  $60 ticket - tax deductible

Buy Tickets now at http://www.generationnextfund.org


Join Matt Tratner tonight at Duvet, Chelsea´s hottest new space to seen and bee seen.  If you have not heard of Duvet, It is NYC´s hotest new night spot, according to NY Post´s Page Six.  Tell ém you´re on Matt´s list at the door.

THURSDAY'S - 11PM Doors Open, 45 West 21 street - Bet 6th and 5th ave

Mar 25, 2005

Reynold's Rap


A Star Is Bombed - This week's HX has a hilarious down and dirty interview with everyone's favorite Payless Shoe hooker hocker.  Well, sort of.  It's truly a mock-interview, held at Splash bar no less. 


Q: So you don’t think it’s wrong to kill animals purely for fashion?

A: It’s wrong not to kill animals. That’s part of God’s plan. He wants me to look gorgeous. If He didn’t, He wouldn’t have saved me from the tsunami. Animals are here for us to use as we need. Run your skin across a luxurious fur and you’ll understand. Not only does fur look fabulous, it feels fabulous. I love it so much, I’m designing an entire line of fur products.

Q: Can you give us some details?

A: I don’t see why anything that I have to touch couldn’t be lined with fur. Like pillows and sheets. Cell phones. Steak knives. My chair on The View. The microphone I use on the red carpet. I’m sure everyone would want me to feel comfortable and look good. Oh, and Kentucky Fried Chicken is working on a fur-lined bucket.

Q: A fur-lined bucket of chicken? That sounds messy.

A: Don’t be an idiot. The fur goes on the outside, of course. I’m going to call the entire line “Look Like a Star.” Martha Stewart had the great idea to make her products available to the masses. So my line will be sold at Wal-Mart. They sell guns, so their shoppers understand that animals should be shot. By the way, I need another cocktail.

If you haven't picked up a copy yet.  Pick one up today!

Mar 08, 2005

Peter Rauhofer at Spirit

Wanna be on the list?


...tell the doorman you're on Matt Tratner's list! See you there.

Mar 04, 2005


For those out-of-towners still not sure if you are coming in two weeks, here is some info to help you ease the decision making.

Alegria Xtreme

Alegria_xtreme_1 click to enlarge

The Black Party 2005 - Lucha Libre

Black_party_2005_1 click to enlarge

Click here for tickets to the Black Party 2005.


Feb 18, 2005

Alegria - Tribal

This weekend...

Alegria_2 click to enlarge

Please go to Alegriaevents for more information.

Jan 14, 2005

This Weekend


Jan 13, 2005

RARE MEET - Wednesdays

Matt & Josh request the honor of your presence...(dont forget to RSVP).

Dec 13, 2004

RARE MEET - Wednesdays


Josh and Matt are sad to announce that this will be Tristan's last RARE MEET party.  The always debonair Tristan has been greeting our guests at the door since the conception of RARE MEET in April of 2003.  His English charm was a perfect fit for the type of ambiance we wanted to create at RARE MEET.
So please join us at RARE MEET on Wednesday, Dec. 15th to bid farewell to Tristan.  He will be sorely missed!

Dec 09, 2004

PLAID Tonight


Dec 07, 2004

Awww Hell!

Good Times....Good Times...

Dec 01, 2004

This Week In NYC Nightlife

For the week of Monday November 29th. 

Here is some of what's happening this week.  For a list of all the clubs please visit HX's website.  They list all the clubs by day.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PLAID - Thursday


PLAID is located at 76 East 13th (between Broadway and 4th Avenue, one block south of Union Square.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Roxy - Saturday



The longest running gay Saturday night in history. Main-floor music by hard-house DJ roster. Complimentary cocktail till midnight. Winner of HX Award for Best Club Night 2004. 11/27: Peter Rauhofer.

Located at 515 West 18th Street.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ALEGRIA CHRISTMAS - Sunday


Join New York's hottest boys as they gather at Crobar this Sunday December 5th, 2004 for Alegria Christmas.  The party starts at 8pm and goes until 8am.  Tickets are now $50 and $60 at the door.

Crobar - 530 West 28th Street, New York

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Preview of Next week's happenings.

Probe Sundays


Probe Sundays is New York's New $10 Million Ulitmate Gay Dance Club!
Join us opening night with DJ's Steve Travolta and Nita Aviance, the Probe Go-Go Boys, our delicious wait staff and guest VIP Kevin Aviance on Sunday December 12, 2004! Free admission opening night from 6-7 pm, $10 after 7pm.  $6 drinks and $5 beers all night.

Probe is located at 431 West 16th Street (between 9th and 10th Aves. in Chelsea)

Nov 18, 2004



Nov 16, 2004

RARE MEET - Wednesdays

Matt Savoya & Josh Bermudez invite you to:


This Wednesday, Nov.17th, RARE MEET will be sponsored by VOX VODKA and the NEW energy drink ROCK STAR!  Ask for the new special blend "VOX STAR" at the bar! 
If you are on the invite list, don't forget to RSVP.  See you there!

Nov 11, 2004

PLAID - Thursdays


Nov 04, 2004

PLAID Tonight



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