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Nov 22, 2004

Crayon Face


My good friend Mark Kilgallin has an amazing eye for faces.  Especially women.  He's loved them and admired them since he was a kid. 
Kilgallin2_1 Mark also has a knack for mixing the right conbination of colors.  When Mark and I worked together for Disney, we would pass the time between shows by watching movies, eating...and coloring on kid's coloring books.  Mark always amazed us with what he could do with those little wax pencils.  They were true works of art.  No one could match his talent.  I dont think
anyone can. 
Mark now resides in Atlanta we're he's devoted most of his life to this form of artwork.  He has combined his two loves,  women's faces and crayons, and has created a body of work that speaks  for itself.  The art is fantastic. 
It is truly amazing that this is all done in crayon!!!
Kilgallin3_1 Click here to visit the gallery.


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