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Give A Little!

Nov 23, 2005

Flying West


Sorry for the lack of posts.  Traveling again.  I'll be back in full force on Monday.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Cheerio!

Nov 16, 2005

Flying South


Off to Harbour Island, Bahamas kids to stretch out the warm weather pattern we've been having.  Good timing too since a cold front is coming.  Thank god I packed my boardshorts and sun-tan lotion.  I'll have internet, but postings will be limited until next week.

I wrote about this beautiful place (where I'm going) way back in April 2004.  Sun and fun..here I come.

Aug 05, 2005

  • The coke runs through it.  Italian scientists have come up with a way to test the rivers in Italy and get a sense of the cocaine usage in the area.  So far, sewage sifters have found that 40,000 hits of cocaine are consumed every day in the Po River Valley, although only 15,000 residents of that area admit to using.  How do you say "coke heads" in Italian? (via worldofwonder)

Mar 07, 2005

Buenos Aires: Gay Mecca


As Argentina recovers from an economic crisis and the leisure industry revives, Buenos Aires is cultivating its image as a Latin American rebel that embraces the social values of Europe more than macho culture and Roman Catholic doctrine.  via reuters.

Mar 02, 2005

Spanish Adventures


For many latins, Spain is the mother country.  The one that gave birth to the masses of latinos and sprinkled them throughout the world. I, born of Argentinian parents, was raised with to believe in that sentiment. 
With that said, it is Spain the NYCBoys will be traveling to this April on a Thelma& Louise/Easy Rider adventure.  The roadtrip will start off in Madrid, and it will take us through the Spanish countryside to Valencia, Toledo, the coastline to Barcelona and then back north to Bilbao and the Guggenheim Museo.  We'll document the saga on this blog and let you take the ride with us.
So in keeping with the Spanish theme, it seems fitting to introduce our newest NYCBoys blog partner Spanish Adventures!.  Welcome.  Bienvenido!

Apr 28, 2004

A Stately Pleasuredome


One of my dear friends and former boss(one of the best, may I add) Wallace Tutt, has one of the most amazing pieces of land in the Caribbean that I've ever had the pleasure to set foot on.

Caribe Cay as it is called, is an island (yes, he owns an island!!) nestled between North Eleuthera and chic Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Wallace and his partner Don reside there most of the year, with occasional trips to Miami Beach for provisions and such. This island is equipped with a main house, two separate guest huts, a private bar and beach, and a light house (a good beacon for those inebriated nights at Sea Grapes, on Harbour Island).

Caribe Cay is a little piece of heaven in the middle of the Caribbean. I know this because I was fortunate enough to have had a hand in the interior design of the house (click on the GENRE article in the site written by Christopher Ciccone)and guest quarters and spent several months there during the installation. Those were amazing times and a piece of my life that I will never forget.

Wallace, who built and renovated Gianni Versace's house in Miami Beach, didn't stop there. Always ahead of the pack, he next built the luxurious and ultra chic Rock House on Harbour Island. Elle McPherson, Al Pacino and many others are regulars there.


Mar 30, 2004

zoom Zoom ZOOM!


Zoom Vacations is the premier travel company catering to the gays and lesbian folks who tend to think "outside the box". At least, thats the way I see it.

We've all done the circuit scene and they are fun for what they are. But sometimes its nice to deviate from the "hotel, to the circuit party and back" route. You miss everything that's around you.

Besides, with the amount of money that gays and lesbians spend on the different parties during such events, you could easily take an nice long vacation to somewhere exotic. In other words..it's just plain mathematics. We could do much more with the cash we're spending!! Its that kind of thinking that keeps Zoom Vacations at the top and is the desired travel company of many of us.


"As the world becomes a more accepting, embracing place for gay people, I think most of us are finding that we no longer need to huddle in gay ghettos or the gay circuit in order to be ourselves", said Zoom Vacations co-founder, Joel Cabrera. Zoom provides the opportunity for us to travel with our gay friends while feeling comfortable, free, and out." Each tour is researched to ensure that all hotels, restaurants,and excursions are gay friendly, safe and affordable, he said.


The trips are luxurios while remaining value-driven. One can find several weeklong land-only packages with 4 and 5 star accomodations, including several meals and excursions, for under $2K to destinations such as Australia, Peru, Costa Rica and more. I say, thats a deal!

If you're coming down to NYC for Gay Pride and the Freedom Party NYC this summer, Zoom Vacations can hook you up with great deals on hotels and events. They are the official travel company for the Freedom Party NYC, afterall.

Check them out at www.zoomvacations.com. You wont be dissapointed.

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