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Give A Little!

Nov 23, 2005

Flying West


Sorry for the lack of posts.  Traveling again.  I'll be back in full force on Monday.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Cheerio!

Nov 16, 2005

Flying South


Off to Harbour Island, Bahamas kids to stretch out the warm weather pattern we've been having.  Good timing too since a cold front is coming.  Thank god I packed my boardshorts and sun-tan lotion.  I'll have internet, but postings will be limited until next week.

I wrote about this beautiful place (where I'm going) way back in April 2004.  Sun and fun..here I come.

Oct 07, 2005

Black & Blue

Yes, we're going.  How could we pass it up?  It's the BBMC's Fifteenth anniversary and they are celebrating by bringing back the main event into the center field of the Olympic Stadium.  We are so there. 


Sep 23, 2005


On my way to lovely Cape May for the weekend kids!  Have a great weekend and please keep all of the folks in Hurrican Rita's path in your thoughts and prayers. Donate if you can.


Aug 24, 2005


Big Cup

Another one bites the dust.  After the demise of 18th and 8th, Big Cup is closing its doors as well, on the 28th.  With the opening of an Eckerds, a Starbucks and a few others, 8th Ave is turning into one big open-air mall.  What's next? 

(via nycstories)

Jun 01, 2005


Six gays spell out the word "Mickey" on their shir

NYCBoys is embarking on yet another fun filled excursion this week!  This time its to lil' ole Orlando Florida to visit mom and dad, and make a cameo at this years Gay Disney or Gays Days, as it is called. 

The official start of the week has begun with Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer welcoming guests at the official kick-off party at the Winter Park Civic Center last night.  Orlando is expecting aroung 300,000 visitors for the event this year.

If you are planning to attend, look for us at the One Mighty Party and the Colosseum Party.  Be safe!

May 06, 2005

Only In Miami

Taffylynn_1 Miami's renaissance certainly began in the early 90s.  Those were certainly some of the best times that I had as a gay twenty year old.  Gianni Versace was still alive, Paragon and Warsaw were the clubs to be seen at.  SoBe was young, still edgy and the drag queens ruled the world.  That's how Robert Desiderio saw it when he put drag queen Shelley Novak in a dress.

These days Desiderio, is now conjuring up the days of ole in his new exhibit at the Miami Beach Cinemateque called "The Lost and Found Years".  The photos, mainly taken during 1994, focus on the legion of offbeat drag queens who defined nightlife at the time, jostling for attention with the visiting Hollywood stars, New York hipsters, European playboys, and Eastern bloc runway walkers who were all putting South Beach on the international map.  Ahh the good ole days. 


Continuing on with our Miami Beach theme, please welcome NYCBoys new blog mate Spilling Seeds!  "The life of a Miami guy who happens to love men", this eye opening blog offers up some tasty photos of the Miami boys, posts on his Miami life, and the dirty South Beach we remember.  Welcome.

May 02, 2005

We're Back!

Sitges_pair_1 We're back from our spanish adventure and ready to share the photos.  We had an incredible time in Spain (especially Barcelona and Sitges) and we can't wait to go back. What an incredible country!!!

We've posted photos of the trip here.  Check them out! 

Apr 25, 2005

  • Currently in Madrid and enjoying every minute of this wonderful city!!  We arrived in London on Saturday morning, snag tickets to Mary Poppins, and flew out to Spain the next morning.  We´ll leave for Valencia and then spend the rest of the week in Barcelona.  We´ll try to post whenever we can.  Vale!

Apr 22, 2005

And We're Off!!!

Barcelona -  picture

Off to Spain!  We'll try to post pics during the week whenever we can.  See you soon.  Hasta!

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Mar 02, 2005

Spanish Adventures


For many latins, Spain is the mother country.  The one that gave birth to the masses of latinos and sprinkled them throughout the world. I, born of Argentinian parents, was raised with to believe in that sentiment. 
With that said, it is Spain the NYCBoys will be traveling to this April on a Thelma& Louise/Easy Rider adventure.  The roadtrip will start off in Madrid, and it will take us through the Spanish countryside to Valencia, Toledo, the coastline to Barcelona and then back north to Bilbao and the Guggenheim Museo.  We'll document the saga on this blog and let you take the ride with us.
So in keeping with the Spanish theme, it seems fitting to introduce our newest NYCBoys blog partner Spanish Adventures!.  Welcome.  Bienvenido!

Feb 02, 2005

A Word From Our Sponsors

In the true spirit of capitalism and technology, please take a few minutes to visit NYC Boys' sponsors.  We are truly grateful to have them on our site. 
  • Justus Boyz - Phil & Mike have created a clothing line that is spreading across the globe! Noot to mention a hot slide show of great apparel and great hot boyz.
  • Moondreams.net - Like, far out man!  An all out groovy site for all your essentials.
  • Zoom Vacations - The best gay travel service anywhere with exciting destinations you wont find anywhere else!

Apr 15, 2004

The Big Easy (continued)

New Orleans has a certain comfortable "hey neighbor" feel to it, especially to first time visitors. The combination of great home cooked food, rich in history, colorful locals that smile and greet you as you pass by and amazing architecture spread throughout the city.

It was indeed my first time, but I fell in love with this amazing city and predict that I will be returning to rediscover its richness time and time again.

For those not familiar with the Big Easy, here are some tips and perhaps highlights:

1. Stay in the french quarter, if you can. Pick a quaint, historic, yest chic hotel. The W, and the Chateau De Moyne come to mind

2. Garden District: If you want to see some amazing homes, go to the Garden District; If you're a fan of the Real World, New Orleans, the house will be easy to spot. Although now, its being renovated and has lost its MTV luster.

3. Audubon Zoo/Park: Definitely a must. Tall old trees, lush, a great place to spend an afternoon sipping iced tea.

4. Trolley rides: Why not? They are a buck twenty five and they hit all the major spots.

5. Cafe du Monde: Although a bit of atourist trap, its a great place people watch and eat a Beignet (a New Orleans must!!)

6. Bourbon Street: If you like crowds, this street in the French Quarter is packed even on non holiday weekends. Sometimes its fun to watch people get drunk and zig zag back to the hotel.

7. Cemetery tours: These you can do yourself. All of the dead are interred above ground, so the cemetery is quite a sight that may give you a bit of old New Orleans history.

8. To Go Cups: The lovely thing about the Big Easy is that you can drink and walk without getting into trouble. All you need is a plastic cup and some alcohol and alcohol is easy to find there.

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Mar 23, 2004

Miami Beach, March 2004


The warm breeze, the palm trees swaying, and sandy beaches with their crystal blue waters. I opened my eyes and I saw it all. No this was not a hallucination endused by the bitter cold we've withstood this past winter. The coldest in years, they say. Well duh! For now, the chill was a bitter memory and hundreds of miles away.

It's amazing what a little holiday can do to someone, especially changing venues from NYC to Miami in a two hour snap. We were all recharged, refreshed, rejuvenated and we had just set foot off the plane. Perhaps it was the Xanax and the liquor combo. Wait, maybe its the Dramamine buzz. Who cares! We're in Miami Beach!

For Circuit Party standards, our crew had arrived rather late in the game already missing a few get togethers and social events. The usual "goings on" started mid week and we had arrived on Saturday. We were here to relax and recoup after all, so the thought of party after party after party was a bit exhausting. Nevertheless, we arrived at the Albion Hotel ready for a fun filled weekend. The main party was tomorrow during the day and we still had one evening to catch up.

cocktails.jpg Need I say more.

Sunday came fast and we woke to wind and gray skies. The chill was coming off shore and at times zig zagged between the streets creating wind tunnels that lifted women's skirts and blew hats away. The looming gray clouds in the distance were no indication that the sun would ever make an appearance. Still, it was warmer than where we came from, so the glass was definitley half full for us. Besides, dance music, friends and eye candy was waiting for us on the beach.

Around noon we sauntered on to the beach, sporting our modified beach wear (cargo pants due to the weather) and our sunglasses with wishful thinking that the sun would shine down on our pasty white skins. Check out the pictures to see what we saw at the party...

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