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Jul 17, 2005

  • Nureyev_1 Ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, who was gay and eventually died from an AIDS related illness in 1993, is said to have had a secret affair with his dancing partner Margot Fonteyn, which led to a miscarried pregnancy.  Royal Ballet dancer and friend AVRIL BERGEN makes the shocking claims in an interview a British TV programme which will be broadcast next month in the UK.

  • A Canadian cardinal who had been considered a possible successor to Pope John Paul says that the children of married gay couples cannot be baptized in the Catholic Church.  "If I take the example of the ceremony of baptism, according to our canon law, we cannot accept the signatures of two fathers or two mothers as parents of an infant," Cardinal Ouellet told a Senate committee.


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How right you are and I agree with you whole heartedly that we've fought long and hard to break down the stigma of this disease. In writing my post, I unfortunately just copied that portion of the information from the original report. A mistake which I'll correct now. Thank you for making me aware of it and thanks for reading.

People don't die from AIDS. They die from an AIDS related illness but not from AIDS. Sounds like I'm being pedantic but we've fought long and hard to break down the stigma of this diesease. On another note love your work.

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