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Apr 08, 2005

Tatum's Night Out

ONeal Tatum - Photo XXL - Tatum ONeal and Kristy MacNicol

A socially lubricated Tatum O'Neal was spotted at Pop Burger in the Meatpacking District around midnight last night, where she proceeded to spill her drinks on other patrons and engage in a "lesbian view for all" with a pretty blond woman she spotted smoking outside.  The two were seen making out and groping each other like no body's business!  They were so entangled that they had to be told to stop, several times by their waiter.  They left together.  Hmmn...we've all had those nights haven't we. 

Tatum sweetie, make sure you get the girl's name before you kick her out of bed this morning.  And, don't call her for a few days.  via queerday.com


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