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December 10, 2004

Pale Male


A final thought.
New Yorkers have been hearing all week about Pale Male and his "eviction".  If you are not familiar with the story, Pale Male is the name of an endangered Hawk that has called New York City home for 11 years now.  Not just any part of New York, but specifically the upper east side with great park views (an address that any New Yorker would kill for.) 
Up to this week, Pale Male has resided high above the corner of 74th and 5th.  That is until the co-op board of said address decided to tear down the nest that the bird had constructed.  The same nest that gave life to more than 30 or so endangered hawks.  The reason?  Unsightly hawk droppings. 
Boo hoo I say.  When you live in a city like New York with millions of dirty pigeons, rats, mice, pollution and overcrowding, the snotty folks at the building at 74th and 5th should learn to deal with hawk droppings as well.  Get over yourselves!
Good luck Pale Male...I hope your next address is better, bigger and higher.


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Hi, I'd like to link to this, as I am in NYC and blogging about Pale Male too. Thanks.


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