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May 05, 2004

Do Unto Others


Last night I had one of those New York experiences that defy reasoning and understanding. I know I may sound melodramatic, but New Yorkers get a bum rap. I am here as a voice stating that New Yorkers rock!

I left the gym last night and hopped on the 14D bus that is usually idle in front of the Roxy. Most of the times I just walk home since I'm only a few avenues away, but was in need of some TLC and wanted to be home. So I got on the bus, pulled my walled out, swiped my metrocard and scoped out a seat. The bus was pretty empty, so I had no problems finding a spot.

I sat down and dialed my dad. We chatted for several blocks, caught up on things, bitched about Bush, etc. Things were going great. I had walked several blocks from the bus stop when I was doing inventory of my valuables..key, check, ipod, check, wallet......WALLET!! Oh fuck..I left my wallet on that bus!!!! ARRRRGGHHHH!!!! Credit cards! License! Gym Card (very important)!, Real Estate License! All gone! Along with some cash. I had a lump in my throat and a dreadful pit in my stomach. I walked the rest of the way home with my mind in a haze.

Stepping through the door, I got Chris caught up on my dilemma and sprung into action. MUST CANCEL MY CREDIT CARDS AT ONCE! After an agonizing 30 minutes of calling the credit card companies, I called my mom to get some motherly sympathy. Her reassurance helped alot and as mothers do, she told me that it wasnt the end of the world, and that although it was a pain in the ass (her words), in the scheme of things, it wasn't so bad. AS we were hanging up, she told me that she would say a little prayer so that my wallet would be returned intact. The pessemist in me responded with a "yeah right mom".

I was back into my "cancelling" mode and there was one last place to call. The Gym. The phone picks up on the other end and I begin my sob story about my wallet. "Is this Pablo?" "Yes it is", I say.

The wallet had been found! A good samaritan sat in my seat on the bus picked up my wallet with its contents and took it home. After trying my office and my dentist, he tried the gym. Smart man! The gym attendant told me that she had been trying for a while to call. I was on the phone constantly to the credit card companies. She couldn't get through. She gave me the good samaritan's number and I contacted him. 15 minutes later the wallet was in my hand. All of its contents were there. To top it off, this great person actually drove to my apartment from Alphabet City to drop it off. I feel that the small token of my gratitude that I gave him last night, is not enough. I know that good karma will definitely follow him where ever he goes.

This city has incredible inhabitants. I'm so proud to call it my home.


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Don't you just love it when things go right, for a change? This sort of story reasserts my faith in humankind. The same thing happened to me, though when my wallet was found, some thieving b*****d had already taken the cash. Anyway, glad you had a good experience - bet you're on cloud ninety nine now, eh?

London, Europe. 2004.

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