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May 25, 2004



I love the vast variety of little eateries that New York has to offer and I'm amazed that while the rest of the world obsesses about counting carbs, New Yorkers wait in long lines for delicious and ultra fattening cupcakes. An after dinner delight at Magnolia bakery.

My problem is this. The lines and the clusterfuck inside the bakery. There is no sense of control, direction. Its a virtual free-for-all battling those diet breaker and closet eaters. (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) Sometimes, one just wants to casually go inside, grab a "soft one" and skidaddle. That won't happen at Magnolia from 7pm until closing.

Much to my delight, a new bakery has opened owned by a former Magnolia Alumn. Billy's Bakery on 9th Ave has everything you want from Magnolia sans the lines, pushing, and gorging next to overflowing trashcans filled with cupcake remnants. The joint is bigger and the cupcakes are exactly the same!!! What a treat! And for those that live in Chelsea....sooo much closer.



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